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Sales Order Management Software

We think managing sales orders should be seamless. Ecomdash helps you sell across multiple marketplaces and shopping carts easily.

Everything you need, all in one dashboard

  • As you make a sale on one sales channel, ecomdash updates inventory for all sales channels to protect you from overselling.
  • Consolidates the end to end process by allowing you to ship right from within ecomdash or use a third party tool like ShipStation.
  • Pending payments are recognized within ecomdash and pulled into our system to adjust inventory across your marketplaces and prevent overselling.
  • Optional manual sales orders for sales outside of your marketplaces (i.e. trade shows).
  • Consolidates your brick and mortar sales and inventory with your ecommerce sales.
  • Customer comments that are left at the time of checkout will be imported.
  • Print packing slips, pick lists and invoices for sales orders.

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Sales Order Tracking Software

If you’re selling across multiple marketplaces and shopping carts, then you know the difficulty of logging into each individual account and managing your business bit-by-bit. Our sales order tracking software enables sellers to grow, without risking stock-outs and overselling. Add more sales channels, new product lines (SKUs), and grow your business, worry-free. Our robust sales order management software keeps an accurate watch on moving inventory at all times, and consolidates all sales orders in one central dashboard for quick and easy fulfillment. You can stop spending valuable time manually checking for sales orders in every place you sell, because our sales order management software will handle it for you.

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our customers experience
Improved Visibility & More Sales.

Radar Toys, a bourgeoning toy and collectibles business, was selling on Amazon, eBay and their own website before signing up with the ecomdash inventory and sales order management system. They were doing well selling on those three sales channels, yet the Radar Toys team wanted to expand their business and maintain control over operations, without spending a small fortune on complicated software.

Priced with small businesses in mind, ecomdash offered a solution that would help the toy business grow and scale, fast. Since implementing ecomdash, Radar Toys started selling on Newegg, Sears and Rakuten.

They maintain an accurate and up-to-date report of all incoming sales orders, and have added new sales channels and SKUs without running into common problems like overselling, inaccurate data, costly errors or needing to hire more employees.

Our sales order tracking system enabled Radar Toys to easily grow their brand across new channels and get their products on more “virtual shelves.” Their improved visibility combined with easier channel management has allowed Radar Toys to increase sales by an estimated 40-60%. With ecomdash, you can grow your empire and still maintain control over all areas of your business.

Learn more about Radar Toy’s experience.

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