Sales and Purchase Order Reporting in Ecomdash

When a business has a physical storefront location it’s easy to pay attention to the numbers.  The sales orders are coming out of one location, the inventory is all housed together in that location, and re-ordering products is as simple as noticing a product is low and making the call. Even if a business has two storefronts it’s still easy to manage each individually; but what about when multiple storefronts are all pulling from the same inventory? How can you easily see your sales and purchase order information; your weekly, monthly, and year-long trends; and figure out what you need to order and when?  This is where ecomdash’s sales and inventory reporting can help you out.

In the same way ecomdash makes your business life easier by integrating all of your sales orders and shipping needs onto one location, ecomdash also combines your storefronts’ sales numbers for fast, accurate reporting.  While still segmenting the individual marketplaces ecomdash provides an overall picture of the health of your business, without needing you to log into site after site.

Things which are included in the report are: sales orders, purchase orders, which product is selling on which sites, all on a segmented view of your marketplaces.  Because ecomdash permanently archives your past sales numbers you are able to get a more complete view of the health of your business.  This complete view not only helps you with the present, but also allows you to more accurately forecast your sales for the future.

This means you are able to foresee when a product might be close to its low-inventory threshold and re order stock, before it becomes a problem. You can see which items your customers are buying in tandem with one another, allowing you to increase business by merging products into a kit.  Putting all of your sales on one easy-to-read format cuts the time it takes for normalized reporting in half.

Your online business is your livelihood, and ecomdash wants you to have the healthiest business you can.  By reporting all of your marketplaces’ sales and purchase order numbers together, and by never deleting your old reports, ecomdash is there to inform and help your business from the past, here in the present, and in the future.

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Kevin LoomisSales and Purchase Order Reporting in Ecomdash

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