inventory automation

Save Time, List Quickly with Ecomdash Inventory Automation

inventory automation
At ecomdash, we are always developing our product to grow with, and better serve our customers. Our latest enhancement includes new inventory and purchase order automation capabilities.  The feature will be a huge time saver for dropshippers and online sellers who work with multiple suppliers and warehouses.

The new feature will automate the import and export of data between sellers and suppliers. Online sellers will get a more accurate idea of what’s available by getting near real-time warehouse feeds, with quantity levels and new product offerings. The enhancement will also enable sellers to auto-deliver inventory information into other tools they are using.
With inventory automation and better communications with suppliers and dropshipping services, you can:

  • Automate the import and export of supplier catalogs, product details and inventory data files
  • Easily create product listings on marketplaces or storefronts from supplier catalog information imported into ecomdash
  • Set how often you want ecomdash to import updated supplier catalog information
  • Auto-send inventory data (via our FTP service) to suppliers, other companies or other systems you’ve incorporated into your current workflow

We’re excited about bringing these new capabilities to our current and future customers and will be enhancing even further by allowing sellers to sync sales from all ecommerce channels with other points of sale and POS systems.

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Tiana ByersSave Time, List Quickly with Ecomdash Inventory Automation