While Magento is saying farewell to its “Go” platform in February of 2015, there is no shortage of quality solutions for sellers who want to use Magento software. Both Enterprise and Community editions provide quality solutions, though they vary greatly. Enterprise is ideal for high-volume sellers (some of their most reputable Enterprise customers are Nike, Office Max and Harper’s Bazaar) whereas Community is perfect for the self-sufficient and tech-savvy seller.

Brent Yarkin, the Customer Service Leader of Magento, gave our VP of Marketing Laura a call to explain how these platforms differ, and what makes them great. Here’s the down low on Magento, straight from the knowledgeable mouth of Brent.

There are three main reasons to choose Enterprise as your Magento solution. They are:

  • Scalability- With Enterprise, you will enjoy faster site performance, built to handle a heavy volume of traffic. Enterprise servers are equipped to keep your site running at optimal speed and efficiency, regardless of how many visitors are on your site.
  • Highly secure site encryption that meets compliance regulations (CI) with Payment Bridge.
  • Unlimited customer support, with two options to select:
    • Gold: Gold level support is included in the Enterprise package. Magento reps are available to speak with you from 7:30am-7:00pm, PAC.
    • Platinum: For an additional fee, Enterprise users can gain access to 24 hour support.

The costs for Enterprise start at $20k, and can vary depending on the number of licensed servers needed to handle site traffic. Brent suggest calling the Enterprise Sales team directly if you’d like to get set up. You can reach them at 877-574-5093, or fill out a contact form.

Unlike Enterprise’s extensive support solutions, Magento Community offers no hosted support. Instead, seller’s act as each other’s support. They contribute code to share, sell, and add to Magento’s core structure. It’s designed for the tech-savvy developers who can manipulate their site to add extensions and functionality. Since there is not a hosted server like Enterprise, it’s up to Community users to be wary of speed and performance with site traffic. Magento Community is an academic license, and is free to download and use.

Whether you chose to use Enterprise, Community, or are still on Go, you can’t go wrong with Magento. We are a big fan of our newest integration partner, and encourage our sellers to check them out. If you’re interested in seeing who else we’re integrated with, we invite you to take a look at our list of integration partners. We’re thankful to be growing as a company, and can’t wait to add more marketplaces and storefronts to our tool, and make your selling run even smoother.

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