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Online marketplaces have become increasingly popular among today’s shoppers. It is easy and convenient to simply search for what you need, pay for it, and have it arrive on your doorstop in just a matter of days. Everyone’s heard of Amazon and eBay, as these marketplaces have become two of the go-to spots for online shoppers. They’re the big dogs in the yard. But these aren’t the only marketplaces that merchants should consider.


What is the Sears Marketplace?

Sears Commerce Services was formally launched in 2009. While the service has recreated itself several times over the last few years, Sears is now focused on helping ecommerce merchants reach new customers and grow their businesses.

The reality, though, is that Sears is not yet a major player in the world of online marketplaces. A recent survey of 1,500 Amazon sellers revealed that Sears did not make the top-five list of places they were also selling. Sears did have a presence for sellers earning over $1 million. For these sellers, 73% were also selling on eBay, 31% were also selling through their own online store, and 24% were also selling through the Sears marketplace.

The participants were also asked about the places they would like to sell in the future. Among all participants, 16% want to sell on Sears. Among sellers earning over $1 million, 23% want to sell on Sears.

What does all of this mean? This survey demonstrates that merchants see the potential that exists within the Sears marketplace. While they may not be selling there quite yet, they want to get there in the future. If some of the best sellers on Amazon see a reason to try out the Sears marketplace, you should too.

But why should your business sell on Sears? Here are a couple of reasons we think make the case.


Should you sell on the Sears Marketplace?

A large part of making a sale involves brand recognition. Realistically, shoppers are more likely to buy from companies and brands that they already know and trust. Even if you are a new merchant, you can use the Sears name to your advantage. While customers may be hesitant to buy electronics from “Joe’s Computer Shack,” there is a greater chance that they will purchase from a well-known company like Sears.

Another factor to consider is the risk of security fraud. There are constantly stories in the news of databases being hacked and personal information being at risk. By selling through the Sears marketplace, shoppers will feel more at ease as they are buying from a big business that has been around for years. Building a solid reputation takes years. Why not use Sears’ solid reputation as a foundation to build your own?


Sears Provides a Flexible Sellers Tool

Sears offers several convenient tools for its merchants. The “Sell on Sears” option gives all businesses the opportunity to list and sell their products on the marketplace. Whether you are a small business or large company, everyone gets access to the same pool of customers who shop on Sears.

The “Fulfilled by Sears” tool allows you to sell your products wherever you want, and Sears will take care of the rest. Sears will store your products in a warehouse, pick the items once an order is received, pack the products, and ship them out to customers. This allows you to focus on marketing, improving your products, and interacting with your customers.

And then there’s “Advertise with Sears.” It enables you to spotlight your entire brand or a single product. With display ads, featured products, and brand showcases, you have the option to easily share your company and goods with Sears customers. This exposure could be what you need to take your business to the next level.


Sears Adds to Your Customer Pool

Remember that survey I mentioned earlier? In it, 77% of participants revealed that they use multiple sales channels. It’s far too risky to put all your apples in one basket. Not every online store is an instant success, and mistakes happen. If your online store doesn’t work out or you are unable to sell on a certain marketplace, you need to have other channels that are still selling your products. Multiple sales channels can translate to multiple streams of revenue. Plus, different online shoppers may purchase products from various stores – some are devoted Amazon shoppers, while others always check Sears first. By adding the Sears marketplace as another option, you can tap into a new group of shoppers. And you can even use the Sears inventory management software from ecomdash to manage all of your sales channels in one spot.

So, why should you try out the Sears marketplace? Online shopping has increased tremendously over the last few years, and that trend is only going to continue. Why wouldn’t shoppers hunt for the best prices on items that they need from their smartphones instead of visiting multiple stores? Adding the Sears marketplace to your list of sales channels helps to increase the success and sales numbers of your ecommerce business.

To get started, here’s an overview of the various do’s and don’ts for listing products on Sears.

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