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As one of the biggest names in physical retail, Walmart‘s ecommerce business has grown substantially. Many third-party sellers have taken advantage of this expansion to reach millions of loyal Walmart shoppers. To help you sell more on Walmart’s marketplace, here are nine essential tips (and a free in-depth guide) that will make your transition easier and more lucrative.


1. Consider Becoming a Brand Owner

To start, you need to think about your eligibility to sell on Walmart’s marketplace. Walmart has strict criteria for third-party sellers. For example, Walmart typically entertains brand owners over resellers. That means that if you become a brand owner, you may be more likely to pass Walmart’s strict application process to becoming a seller on the marketplace.


2. Check Your Selling Record

Walmart likes ecommerce sellers who have a proven track record on other marketplaces. Your reviews and ratings on your current sales channels matter, so make sure that they project the right image. Additionally, Walmart uses a Seller Scorecard to rate sellers on the marketplace. So, your continued attention to improving your selling record is important.


3. Streamline Your Operations

Maintaining a good standing with Walmart is every bit as crucial as passing the rigorous process to becoming an approved seller. Keep in good standing by streamlining your operations to avoid stock outs and other inventory issues. Seamless integration with other software that manages your backend operations will help you do that. Fortunately, Walmart works with many ecommerce solutions to provide you with easy integration so you can effectively manage your inventory. Ecomdash, which works with Walmart, offers a ecommerce inventory software that will make your job easier if you sell on other channels, as well as an integration that streamlines your Walmart inventory.


4. Ensure Your Product Data is Accurate

While strong and accurate data is important to selling on every ecommerce sales channel, it is even more so on Walmart’s platform. To ensure that each customer knows exactly what they are buying, Walmart requires more product information than other marketplaces. Your product data must be accurate and up-to-date. This will not only guarantee that you’ll sell more on Walmart’s marketplace, but also that you earn satisfied, loyal, repeat customers for your business.


5. Add Your Products to the Right Shelves

It isn’t always easy to decide on the correct product categories and attributes for every item your store sells. On Walmart, it’s important to make sure that your products show up on a digital shelf (the Walmart marketplace separates products onto shelves similar to how their brick and mortar store shelves are arranged). If you are missing any required attributes for your item, it may look like it’s live but it won’t be visible to customers. Refer to the Walmart’s Knowledge Base before listing your products.


6. Build a Good Reputation and Expand

When you start selling on Walmart, there is typically a limit to the number of SKUs you can list. Walmart offers the ability to increase those caps if you show a strong sales performance and receive good reviews. Start out listing your best-selling items and work on building a favorable reputation. Once you establish a good reputation and begin to sell more on Walmart’s marketplace, you will get the opportunity to expand to your full catalog as Walmart increases the SKU caps for you.


7. Offer Low Prices

Walmart is very serious about providing customers with the lowest prices and highest value of purchase. They expect the same from their sellers. If you want to obtain instant visibility and be successful on the Walmart platform, you must make low pricing a priority.

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8. Apply for Promotions

Walmart features promotions that stay in line with their “everyday low prices” guarantee. Walmart allows you to apply for these promotions so take advantage of the visibility. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a response right away, Walmart is likely considering your request. Of course, the lower the price, the better your chances of having your promotion accepted.


9. Don’t Forget About Marketing

It’s important that you market your products on the Walmart marketplace. Try a social media strategy, like Facebook’s advertising program, which is a great way to get your products to a new audience. Email and content marketing can also increase your products’ visibility and help personalize your brand with the intention of helping you sell more on Walmart’s marketplace.

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Final Thoughts about Selling on the Walmart Marketplace

Walmart is inviting more third-party sellers to its marketplace, and you should take advantage of this opportunity. It’s a platform with millions of loyal customers. Getting a jumpstart on building your reputation and presence on the Walmart marketplace will help you increase your customer base for the future. If you haven’t already applied to sell on Walmart, you should do it now.

Master The Walmart Marketplace
Master The Walmart Marketplace

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