etsy february 2015 news

Etsy IPO

Etsy is rumored to debut an IPO in the coming spring, with hopes of raising $300 million for their public offering. The company is currently valued at over $1 billion, and one of few successful ecommerce startups to originate on the east coast as opposed to the technology hot-bed of Silicon Valley. If Etsy does hold an IPO, they will be the first New York based technology company to go public since the dot-com era. Regardless of how much of their target goal they raise, going public will very likely increase Etsy’s revenue. Similar ecommerce based companies Wayfair and GrubHub Inc. have both grown an average of 46% since their public offerings. Etsy’s gross merchandise sales have grown every year since its 2005 inception, with their last public release of sales data in 2013 topping $1.35 billion. Read more.


There’s No Scolding like a Beyoncé Scolding

Popular singer/songwriter Beyoncé is shutting down the sale of all mugs on Etsy emblazoned with the word ‘feyoncé’ on them. These mugs were sold as gifts to soon-to-be brides as a cheeky play on words, merging ‘fiancé’ with ‘Beyoncé’. The artist wrote to Etsy directly asking that they be removed, and threatened legal action otherwise. Though it’s not certain whether or not Beyoncé’s argument would hold up in court (as popular brands, logos and songs are often parodied and protected in that nature), Etsy removed all feyoncé mugs from their marketplace, despite the fact that shop owners do not need Etsy’s prior permission to list an item. Other feyoncé products such as shirts, sweaters and glassware are still available on the Etsy marketplace. Read more.


A Multichannel Listing Tool For Etsy

Per ecomdash’s 2015 product development road map, we will be building out further functionality for our listing software and Etsy is one of the marketplaces we’re supporting. Our in-suite ecommerce listing tool, is compatible with eBay and Amazon. This tool will be developed to have compatibility with our supported shopping carts, and later our marketplace integrations.

What do you think of Beyoncé’s potential lawsuit? Would you risk selling parody items on Etsy anymore? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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