Establishing your own brand is no easy feat, so we hope you’re up for the exciting challenge! It’s going to take work, but there is help available all along the way. BigCommerce is a ready-to-use ecommerce platform. This shopping cart option is easy to use for even the newest online retailers, but it still offers many functionalities that make it a powerful and effective tool.

Before we can get into all of the nitty gritty details of your website and shopping cart selection, we first need to make sure that you have covered a few of the basic (but oh so important) details prior to selling with these BigCommerce selling tips.


Get a Catchy Name.

You’d like to believe that your product will stand out from the crowd simply on the merits of its own awesomeness, but let’s be realistic. The truth of the matter is that there are a whole heck of a lot of websites out there that are already selling pretty much anything you could imagine. Hair bows? Yep. Car accessories? Check. Bedpans? Even those. Do yourself a favor by taking plenty of time to carefully consider how you are going to identify your business. You want to establish a brand name that is catchy, unique, and memorable to help you stand out in the crowd, but one that is also explanatory enough to tell what it is you’re selling.


Get Connected.

Before you have established brand recognition or started honing in on your target customers, reaching out to your existing connections is a great place to start. Tell all of your friends and family about your new business venture. Network with other business professionals in your area and industry. Share about your new ecommerce venture on your personal social media accounts. Friends love to help friends succeed, and you never know what type of opportunities it could lead to. Start talking, sharing, connecting, tweeting, and pinning to get your name, message, and products out there to anyone who will listen.


Get on Google.

Have you ever heard of search engine optimization? It’s the process of how to get your business to the top of the Google results. If the answer is no, start here. If you are familiar with SEO, it is time to put all of the information you know into practice. Do your keyword research, incorporate your keywords into titles and landing page content, try to get some natural links from other websites, and focus on becoming an authority within your industry. One of the advantages of selling with BigCommerce is that all the business is done through your own website, but if customers can’t find your website, it’ll just handcuff your ecommerce efforts. Smart, sensible SEO helps to increase your search engine ranking, which will help bring you more customers, sales, and profit!


Get Content.

Another major aspect of SEO is content. The more content you write and publish, the more chances people have to find you when they search online. If you are creating interesting and valuable content related to your product or industry, a blog can be a great way to attract many potential customers. Starting your own blog is important, but you can also write guest posts for other websites or industry publications as well. This puts you in front of their audience.


Get Facebook Shop.

BigCommerce has made it easy for merchants to implement Facebook Shop and connect it to their online store. On your business Facebook Page, you can create a Shop section. Through the integration with BigCommerce, you can easily select products that are already listed in your online store and have them displayed in Facebook Shop. If a potential customer clicks on a product of yours that they see on Facebook, they will be redirected to your website. It’s just another way to reach more customers and make more sales! Shoppers can easily find things that they want while they are browsing on Facebook and you are selling items. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Get Responsive.

Some customers visit your site from their smartphones. Others visit from their tablets. Many still visit from desktop computers or laptops. With so many technical devices out there today, you need to be prepared to accommodate all shoppers, regardless of their equipment or operating system. A responsive website theme is one that will adapt its appearance to display properly on any type of device. If website visitors are unable to view your site correctly, you have a greater chance of losing them as a customer. Plus, a negative first experience can leave a lasting impression. BigCommerce makes it easier for you to sell to your first (and future) customers by offering plenty of responsive themes for you to choose from.


Get Help.

Starting your own brand is scary enough, so don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel on everything when selling on BigCommerce. When there is help out there, take advantage of it. BigCommerce has already designed its platform to implement some of the most basic SEO factors. Even if you’re not 100% sure what optimized title tags and 301 redirects are, BigCommerce has you covered. BigCommerce stores also have built-in blogs, and you can sync your store data with several of the top email marketing platforms. The more software tools you can sync, the better. With the BigCommerce inventory software from ecomdash, you can easily evaluate your sales from all marketplaces to make informed decisions for your ecommerce business. These tools are here to help you. Take full advantage of them and all other BigCommerce selling tips to start successfully selling from the beginning.


Get Completed Purchases.

Did you know that roughly 68% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes the purchase? That is a lot of money you could be missing out on. Fortunately, not all hope is lost. Statistics also reveal that approximately 72% of millennial shoppers respond favorably to retargeting. So, if a lost customer sees your brand or products again, you still have a shot at winning their sale. BigCommerce has an abandoned cart saver that has been found to help merchants recover 15% of their lost revenue on average. For the shoppers who leave your website without buying, they are sent a series of customizable emails. Especially at the beginning of your business, when every little sale matters, implementing this feature could have a huge impact on your success.

If you haven’t already, check out their extensive app store. We’ve outlined our top choices for BigCommerce apps here.

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