selling internationally on ebay As technology continues to advance, the world seems to get smaller. Brands are able to reach customers anywhere at any time. It’s no wonder you’re considering expanding your eBay business internationally. eBay is one of the largest ecommerce marketplaces in the world, which means it’s a great tool to reach your international neighbors. The fact that eBay doesn’t break the bank with seller fees, and it’s much easier to set up than your own website is an added bonus! Continue reading to learn about your options for reaching larger audiences all over the globe.


The Many Ways to Sell Internationally With eBay

There are three ways you can sell your products internationally with eBay –  basic international selling, advanced international selling, and the eBay global shipping program. We’ll take a look at the details of each option, and review some global selling pros and cons.


Basic International Selling on eBay

With the basic option, you simply sell on eBay’s US site (, offering international shipping to customers located in other countries. Your product is listed on the marketplace across multiple foreign sites.


  • Automatic currency conversion – You only have to add a price in US dollars to your product listing. The price will automatically be converted to each local currency, based on the current exchange rate.
  • No additional fees – When you sell a product to a customer in a different country, there are no additional fees to be paid. You will just pay the normal eBay seller fees.
  • Good method to test demand – You can test the demand for your products in different international markets. But, avoid spending time and money on extensive market research in countries where it may not be feasible to sell your products.


  • Listings are not translated – Your listings will not be translated into local languages; they’ll be shown in English.
  • Slow growth to start – You may not see an immediate increase in international sales right away. Your listings will be marked as an international seller, and some customers may only want to buy domestically.
  • Decreased visibility – While your international listings will appear in regular search results, eBay shoppers can filter out international products when they search. This can potentially exclude your products, decreasing overall visibility.


Advanced International Selling

Advanced international selling, unlike the basic option, allows you to list and sell products directly on 23 different eBay sites worldwide. To specify, you’ll list products on an individual country’s eBay site. Buyers in your chosen countries will see your product listings as though they are local listings.


  • Individual listings – You can create individual product listings for each of the eBay international sites you’ve chosen to sell on. This allows you to list items in the local language, increasing the user experience in those countries.
  • Tailored pricing – You can tailor your pricing to match the market and stay competitive in the countries you’re selling in.
  • Potentially discounted insertion fees – Sellers who have a featured or anchored shop subscription may pay discounted insertion fees for their shop subscription in other countries.  Some countries don’t have insertion fees at all.
  • Feedback shows across sites – You will use the same user ID across all eBay sites, which means your feedback will be seen by international and domestic shoppers.


  • Multiple listings for the same product – If you want to create listings in different languages or with different pricing, you’ll have to generate multiple listings for the same item.
  • Inconsistent seller fees – Advanced international selling requires that you pay the applicable seller fees for the country where the item is purchased, not your domestic eBay fees.


eBay Global Shipping Program

The last option is the eBay Global Shipping Program (GSB). This option allows you to send your item to a domestic shipping center, and eBay manages the international shipping and customs requirements for you.


  • You’re not responsible for items damaged in transit – If there is any damage to an item during shipping, eBay Money Back Guarantee cases will be resolved in the seller’s favor, and there will be no impact on seller performance standards.
  • Higher shipping ratings – If you provide free shipping to the domestic shipping center, you will automatically get a 5-star rating in the shipping cost section of your detailed seller rating. If you charge for the shipping to the domestic center but get a rating below 5 stars, it will not negatively impact your seller performance standards.
  • Shipping is GSP responsibility – If you receive any neutral or negative feedback from a buyer for shipping issues, it will be removed.


  • Slower delivery times – You’ll have to take the extra step and send your orders to the domestic shipping center, from which it will then be sent to the buyer extending delivery times.
  • More fees – In addition to the final fee for selling an item, you may be subject to standard eBay shipping fees.PayPal fees will also apply (including international transaction fees).


Requirements to Sell Internationally on eBay

The eBay marketplace makes it fairly easy to create international listings. Although, it’s important that you determine which products can be sold legally in the countries you’re listing in. The laws are different from country to country, so you must do your research.

The eBay marketplace will not allow the sale of restricted items to or from select countries, organizations, businesses, or individuals. If you sell internationally on eBay, then there may be restrictions on where and what you can sell.

Additionally, eBay requires you to meet the below criteria before selling internationally:

  • Have an eBay account that is in good standing
  • Have a verified PayPal account
  • Have earned at least 10 feedback points as a seller
  • Have made your first successful sale more than 90 days ago
  • Meet the selling and item requirements of the site you wish to list your products

You may be asked to sign an international selling agreement with eBay, in which you acknowledge that the products you sell to international buyers are subject to the policies of their respective sites, including money-back guarantees.


Final Thoughts

Expanding into foreign markets has many benefits. It can increase your revenue and keep you competitive in the ecommerce industry. International success means choosing the method of selling that’s right for your brand and your products. Armed with the information above, you’ll be able to scale your ecommerce business and avoid some of the common mistakes that new international eBay sellers make.


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