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Do you know how much money is sitting in your closet right now? Between that killer suit you only wore once, that alligator skin belt you decided was too tight to wear anymore, or that great vintage jacket you picked up thrifting last year, you should be seeing dollar signs every time you open your dresser. If you can find the right place to sell used clothes online, you can clear out some space and find some extra cash for yourself at the same time. Selling vintage clothes can be an easy way to make money.


Start a Vintage Clothing Business

The first thing you have to do is decide your purpose behind entering the secondhand clothes market. Some people just run into financial trouble and need to sell used clothes online to bail themselves out of bad spot. But increasingly, as the market for vintage clothing explodes across the ecommerce landscape, more and more sellers are turning to thrift store flipping as a consistent side hustle.

Whether you’re interested in one day becoming an ecommerce kingpin when you turn your side hustle into a full time gig, or you just need to make some space in your closet for your next haul, these seven fresh websites are great places to start selling vintage clothes.


Where to Start Selling Vintage Clothes Online


#1 Depop


Depop is a website that lets you sell your old clothes, hats, shoes to make extra money all from your mobile device. It lets you follow your friends like shops and you can sell everything just by taking a picture of it from your phone.


#2 Poshmark


If you use Pinterest, you’ve likely seen this site advertised. Poshmark is a website where you can sell your old clothes. You’ll find a wealth of name brand clothes such as North Face and Michael Kors. You can shop from people’s closets for a deep discount compared to buying in-store.


#3 Letgo


Letgo is a website where you can buy anything from tables and chairs to electronics and, yes, vintage clothes. It’s like a trendier version of Craigslist, going by the common saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Also, if you are looking to furnish your first apartment and you are low on funds, Letgo is a great place to find inexpensive furniture.


#4 Tradesy


Tradesy is another site that boasts deep discounts on name brands. It is very similar to Poshmark. In addition to clothes, you’ll also find accessories. Tradesy sends the seller a box along with a prepaid label to make it faster and easier for the buyer and seller.


#5 Varagesale


Varagesale is a site that is very similar to Craigslist. On this site, you are able to sell pretty much anything. You can surf the site from your computer and from your mobile device. Varagesale is community based, sort of like a giant virtual garage sale. They make a point to weed out sketchy sellers to protect the community as a whole.


#6 Bonanza


Bonanza is an auction based ecommerce site. On average, products on Bonanza are 3% less expensive than eBay. The site allows sellers to make their own page or “webstore.” Bonanza states, “Until you make a sale, we pay all advertising costs on your behalf. We only make money when you make money. No listing fees, no monthly store fees, no other sneaky fees.” Sounds like a great deal to me.


#7 OfferUp


OfferUp is similar to Letgo. You can buy and sell things online near you or look for things at a distance. The OfferUp mobile app is how most shoppers use the site. It is one of the top apps in the shopping category on the Apple app store.


Major Key: Sell Vintage Clothes on Amazon and eBay

These sites are trendy and new, but to really succeed in ecommerce, you need to also be on established sites with tons of traffic. We recommend Amazon and eBay. You can sell anything on eBay within seconds, but selling vintage clothes on Amazon, you’ll need to pay for the professional selling plan.

Selling on Amazon and eBay also allows you to use inventory management software that can automate boring tasks like keeping your quantity the same on every marketplace you sell on. This means you can list your vintage clothes on tons of different sites at once without worrying about accidentally selling the same pair of boots to two different people at the same time.

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