We’ve added some new features that makes setting up ecomdash for the first time a breeze:

  • New User Set-up Guide: If you want to find out how to set up your inventory system, this guide tells you all of the steps you will need to get started in ecomdash. Each task has a link which takes you to the module or section you need to go to in order to complete that task. Once the task is completed, the status of that task will be moved to “finished” and you can move on to the next task. Once the entire guide has been completed, it will disappear and you’ll be ready to sell in ecomdash.
  • Administration Module Changes: We’ve added a more step-by-step approach to functions within the Administration module. Now, instead of putting everything on the screen all at once, only the functions that apply to your selections appear. There is also an added “settings” section where you can specify the settings to your sales orders, shipping, and emails.
  • User Guides: We have also added user guides that are specific to each module. This way you can have a visual representation over how to do some of the functions in ecomdash. These are PDF guides that are available at any time.
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