At ecomdash, we try to make things simpler for the seller. Our shipping management software allows you to create pick lists, packing slips, and shipping labels quickly. Then, there’s still the matter of budgeting shipping costs and making sure that package arrives safely, etc. Our customers use the USPS for most of their shipping needs today, so we are integrated with both Endicia and to let them purchase postage directly within the ecomdash system. We understand that it can be overwhelming trying to navigate all the information regarding shipping, costs and customs. Here are some helpful links and free tools to help you successfully ship with the USPS:

Postage Price Calculator: This calculator will determine the cost of shipping when you input an address (yours and theirs), parcel content, time and date of mailing, etc. This tool will help you get the hang of how much your packages cost on average. Once you’ve used this a few times, you should feel more comfortable estimating shipping costs and being able to adjust your budget and pricing as needed. Ecomdash can calculate your true shipping costs within the Shipping Management Menu of our tool, but the USPS’s postage price calculator is an excellent additional resource.

USPS Tracking: Ecomdash automatically gets tracking information from the shipping carriers and updates the order status on each marketplace for you. If you want, you can enter that tracking number into the USPS’s tracking module and keep steady tabs on where your package is while en route to your customer. Of course, we know you can’t do this kind of careful tracking for every item sold. However, we wanted you to know it’s available if the order was of extreme value. If you sold the item on a marketplace that allows for the seller to contact the customer first, it may be a good idea to send one update email to the customer during transit. Letting the customer know their product has almost arrived (especially when it was shipped with a longer delivery time) is a good way to remind the buyer that you are open to communication should they need anything, and are excited for them to receive their item.

Boxing and Packaging Tips:  Improper packaging of items can have serious consequences. An infringement of packaging policy on Amazon can result in suspension of the seller’s account. Read the best boxing and packaging practices straight from the experts at the USPS, and make sure your items are up to code, every time.

If you’re looking for specific links, you’re in luck.

  • provides a direct link to buy supplies for shipping, thus eliminated the need to ever go to a post office again. We are curious to know where you buy shipping supplies. Where are the deals? Please share the inside scoop in the comments section.
  • Endicia posts frequent tips from Dr. Harry Whitehouse, the Chief Development Officer and founder of Endicia. Titled “Harry’s Hints,” Dr. Harry writes these tutorials and tidbits from his wealth of knowledge that he acquired from working closely with the Postal Service for more than 20 years.

Whether you ship through Pitney Bowes, Endicia, or, you’re in good hands. All of our integration partners and the USPS have stellar reputations and experience to get your products moving.

Holiday Shipping Survival Guide
Holiday Shipping Survival Guide

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