Imagine – a world where your online orders were picked and packed not by a person, but by a robot. It may sound a little too Space Odyssey for you, but believe it or not, it’s being done today.

Currently, pickers spend about 60 – 70% 0f their day looking for products to package in orders. In a single day, these employees can walk as much as 5 to 10 miles. It’s exhausting, not to mention a glaring waste of time. Mick Mountz had a vision for a hands-off process of picking that would save the pickers time and the corporation money. He was part of a team that designed picking robots to glide through a warehouse and bring the products directly to the picker. The picker, who stays in their own personal picking station, simply has to take an item from the robot’s shelves and scan the UPC, which tells them what box to put it in. It’s as simple as being handed and item and dropping it in a box.

Mountz, who’s robotic pickers are currently in use at KIVA, says that the employees are loving the hands-off picking process. One man was even reported saying the new process was “so stress free, I’ve actually stopped taking my blood pressure medicine.”

Watch Mountz discuss his vision and how he brought it to life in this TED Talk:

In the meantime, ecomdash will still be here to help you get your pick lists, packing slips and shipping labels ready to go – whether the information goes to a human, a printer, a warehouse, or a robot. Until a bad robot comes and takes us away, we’ll be here.

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