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Our shipping management software speeds up fulfillment and lets you pick, pack and ship orders from one, central location. Gain visibility into your shipping workflow, and save time and money.

Our shipping management system can help you stay organized.

Speed up fulfillment and complete orders in one, central tool.

As sales orders are collected by ecomdash, they are sent to the “Paid, Ready to Ship” tab within the Sales Order module. From within that tab, choose which orders you want to ship out by selecting “Create Shipping Order” from the dropdown menu. This will automatically move the selected orders to the shipping section in “Unshipped Orders.” From there, our shipping management tool allows users to enter in product weight and select shipping options like carrier, package type and dimensions. You can set this information at the product level, and it will auto-populate for each new shipment. Based on the information you input, ecomdash will then generate a shipping rate for you. Print your shipping label, pick list and packing slip, and once the order is marked as shipped, ecomdash will send tracking information to the sales channel where the purchase occurred.

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A shipping management system that saves time.

Use ecomdash to streamline your shipping process and get your products out the door faster.

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our customers experience

Since using our shipping management software, John and Richard of Radar Toys have been able to speed up their shipping process significantly. In fact, they say their internal fulfillment processing speed has increased by more than 50%. Because of our shipping management tool and integrations with shipping carriers, John and Richard are able to scale shipping operations.

It’s made it easier for them to train new employees, now that all new hires only need to learn how to ship with one system, instead of trying to fulfill orders through each separate sales channel.

The guys of Radar Toys are also able to brand what goes in and on their packages, which contributes to excellent customer service, drives traffic to their own website and helps steward long-term, repeat customers over time.

Along with faster shipping, the guys of Radar Toys have seen improved visibility and an increase in sales since using our listing management tool. Before using ecomdash, they were only selling on a few sales channels. With the help of our listing software, they’re now listing to six other channels and have seen an estimated 40-60% increase in sales.

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