Small Business Saturday is November 29 – just a few short weeks away. Get prepared with the Small Business kit and sign up to participate. You will be listed on the “official” Small Business roster, and consumers will know that when they shop from you, they’re supporting local businesses in their community.

Find free marketing materials here  – from printable posters to hang in your shop to online banners to add to you website. Here’s what the process of creating materials looks like:

You will be provided with Small Business Saturday branded materials. Fill in your business’s information

2014-11-03_1413 2014-11-03_1414 *Note: the above business does not exist, as far as we know…but we really wish it did, and that they delivered to ecomdash headquarters.

Registering with Small Business Saturday will list your business on the official roster. This is how consumers will know where to find you, and that they should support you. 2014-11-03_1427

Get your community involved! Ask them to share the #Shopsmall hashtag. Take pictures with them, and invite them to share with their networks. Consider making it a fun event by providing drinks or treats to get the community excited and inside your store.

Remember: the deadline to sign up to receive free marketing materials and be listed on the Small Business map is November 14, so sign up now! We challenge all our readers (small biz owners and supporters alike!) to shop small Saturday, November 29th. Our small businesses are the backbone of our nation, and we are eager to support them.

Do you have a favorite small business in your area? Or are you one of the small businesses registering this year? Let us know in the comments, and a little about you or them. We can share their twitter handles and websites on the ecomdash twitter profile to help!

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