shopify mobile appMobile commerce (mcommerce) is on the rise –  39% of the previous year’s Black Friday sales came from mobile devices, and according to Goldman Sachs, mobile sales are estimated to reach $204 billion in 2014.

The trend toward mobile is not one-sided though, and as buyers increase their mobile use, sellers should seek out software that can easily be accessed by mobile devices. Though there aren’t (currently) many third-party ecommerce tools offering truly mobile apps, our integration partners at Shopify are always ahead of the curve.

They recently launched their mobile app that is free for all Shopify merchants. Developed to operate exactly as their desktop version, Shopify Mobile will help you manage all aspects of your storefront from virtually anywhere.

Some of the app’s features include accepting payments on the go with a free credit card reader. You can plug in Shopify’s free card reader and either swipe a card, or type in the card number manually.

This will enable you to sell on to go, either at trade shows, pop-up shops, or more. In addition, Shopify Mobile users will enjoy the following:

  • Customers and orders synced with Shopify.
  • Free 24/7 telephone support.
  • Order notification via text or email whenever an order comes in.
  • Ability to update in-store products and prices with connection to Shopify POS.
  • Fulfill orders or contact a customer.
  • Manage your inventory, take and upload a photo, delete an old product, change a price, etc.
  • Email customized receipts.

As the trend toward mobile gains speed, we thinks it’s in the best interest of ecommerce sellers to take advantage of mobile apps. After all, how will you manage your store when you go on vacation?

You need to take time for yourself, but have the peace of mind that your ecommerce business is under control. Watch the following video about Shopify Mobile, and get it on the App Store or Google Play.

Wouldn’t that be cool to run your entire business from your phone? What do you think – are you already sick of your phone and would rather leave it at the office?

If you sell on Shopify as your only sales channel today – this phone-only operation will be a reality for you very soon. If you sell on more than one sales channel today, ecomdash is working hard to make this a reality for your future as well.

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