Processing your eCommerce daily sales orders can be complicated. Different marketplaces or shopping carts have different order management formats, different logins, and different functionality available. Logging into every one individually takes time and can get frustrating. Many owners need to hire part time help to just maintain the status of orders on marketplaces and then use spreadsheets to track sales orders to ensure they get fulfilled.

This is where ecomdash’s order management system comes into play. By housing all of the different marketplace orders into one location, ecomdash is able to take what is normally a long process, and reduce it to a matter of minutes.

The ecomdash process begins when your customer has committed to purchasing your inventory on one of your online selling venues. This purchase will not only be reflected in your inventory quantity available on that particular site, but across all of the websites in which you are selling your product to limit the risk of overselling that item. The sales orders are imported automatically into ecomdash from your sales channel such as Amazon or eBay and from within ecomdash you can then decide to use our fully integrated shipping module to fulfill the order yourself or use our streamlined dropship module to get the order information out to your supplier for fulfillment.

Keeping track of your company’s order management system can be a complicated and time consuming process, but because of the multiple marketplace integration and the two-way communication in regards to shipping and inventory, ecomdash makes running your business just a little bit easier.

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