Let’s face it, when it comes to selling your products online, looks matter. Customers will dismiss listings with bad pictures and social media posts with poor or irrelevant images. Sure, it’s a bummer that these pictures have to be near perfect, but it is 100% worth the effort. Just because you aren’t a professional photographer, doesn’t mean you can’t produce high quality images for your product listings and for your social media profiles and posts.

Use these tools to edit your pictures and get them ready for those critical online-buying eyes. They’ll look so good, your products will start flying off the virtual shelf (we can’t guarantee that, but it’s a well-researched fact that better product visuals increase sales). Best part about these tools – they’re free. So what are you waiting for?

editing photos using picmonkey

PicMonkey– PicMonkey is a creative photo editing and graphic design tool. Perfect for creating webpage banners, PicMonkey enables you to adjust color and filter, add stickers and text, and create borders. Not all of the features are free, however…but you can still edit a photo and create visually arresting graphics with the basic functions.


editing photos using pixlr

Pixlr– Pixlr is similar to a Photoshop replacement (albeit one that is not quite as robust). Pixlr offers three separate editing tools- Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Express, and Pixlr O-matic. Editor acts like a (Microsoft) paint tool to add text or drawings to an image (or create your own from scratch). In Express you can add stickers, text, borders and filters, and O-matic enables filters, light features and borders. They are built in Flash Animation and you need to have the Adobe Flash (get flash) plug-in to get it to work.


editing photos using picCollage

PicCollage– PicCollage does exactly what you might guess it does- create collages. With it you can rotate, edit, resize and manipulate photos to create interesting image collections. Add text, stickers and backgrounds, or clip your images. Browse through their blog for inspiration on the best ways to use the tool.

Use these tools to create professional quality images and graphics for your website and social media platforms. Having product images that look like a million bucks, doesn’t have to cost a dime…. but can be the difference between making a million bucks and mere pocket change.

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