We’ve been preaching for a long time on the importance of social marketing. With an array of sharing sites to choose from, we’ve compiled tips and best practices on how to market your retail and web store on Instagram, Pinterest and Vine. We firmly believe in the effectiveness of marketing on these sites – and now InvespBlog has the numbers to prove it. They’ve complied an infographic that details which site drives the most sales, the importance of social reviews, and why sharing your content matters. Do any of these findings surprise you?

US Social Commerce – Statistics and Trends

Infographic by- Invesp

We believe in the importance of social media marketing for retailers and ecommerce, and we’re glad Invesp put together all the facts to prove it. Which social media sites are you currently marketing on now? Which ones work best for you? Remember, every niche is different, and attracts different shoppers. Not all social sites and marketing strategies will work for each target audience. To figure out the personality of your shoppers and how to effectively market to them, read our post on Consumer Personalities.

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