Social Media & Ecommerce Marketing Ideas For Christmas

The holidays may be rife with stress for an ecommerce seller; however, it’s a perfect time to engage with your fans and followers on social media. Rather than posting increasingly promotional content (aside from what you already have promoted), use this season as an opportunity to connect with followers in a meaningful way – which, if done thoughtfully, will still serve to promote your business. Consider the following ecommerce marketing ideas for how to capitalize on the holiday season and engage with your community in a sentimental way.

Be on point with Christmas and holiday posts.

  • Your Favorite Traditions. This is an easy and engaging Facebook post. Share you favorite things to do with friends and family around the holidays, and invite followers to share their favorite holiday traditions. You can leave it at that, or do a follow up post with the most fun, unique or different responses you receive.
  • Christmas Bloopers. We’ve all had those moments where something goes horribly (and hilariously) awry while trying to prepare for the holidays. Share your most embarrassing or ridiculous Christmas memory. Did you almost fall off the roof trying to get Rudolph tied to the chimney? Was it the 80s and you were wearing too much hairspray while sitting by the fireplace and your hair ignited? That actually happened to my aunt. My family had to roll her in a Persian rug to put out her hair fire. Ask followers to share their Christmas bloopers too. They will enjoy responding, and will likely appreciate a little humor amidst the stress of preparing for the season!
  • Share The Season Around The World. If you sell nationally (or internationally), invite your followers to post photos of what Christmas (or the holidays) looks like in their town. Post a photo album of the pictures you receive. It will be fun to see the differences and similarities across climates. Though the holidays may look different from Florida to California, the sentiment is the same – and your fans will enjoying seeing how the holiday spirit traverses nationwide.
Example of what you can do with holiday photos that fans and followers submit.

Example of what you can do with holiday photos that fans and followers submit.

How does the season relate to your product?

  • Sell Toys? This is an easy one to tie in with the holidays. Create lists of the most popular toys given as gifts, either today or over the years. It would be fun to see what was the top selling Christmas toy in 1989 versus today (any guesses on what that might be? A Bubble Mower? Cabbage Patch Doll? The 80s manifested some oddities).
  • Sell Bakeware or Kitchen Goods? Post your favorite recipes for holiday cookies, desserts, gravy, etc. You can also share tips photo 1for decorating cookies, how to make the perfect icing, how to know when to take cookies out of the oven, etc. Ask followers to share their favorite recipes, tips, or memories around being in the kitchen and baking with their family during the holidays.
  • Sell Décor? Talk about simple and cost-efficient ways to decorate your house or how to dress your tree. It would be fun to see DIY decorating tips for those on a budget. This can also be a good way to direct followers to your Pinterest page if you post photos as examples.
  • What About Craft Goods? Share creative ways to wrap gifts, how to make or DIY Christmas presents, and even how to create your own decorations. Ask followers the most unusual way they’ve ever wrapped a gift (was it with newspaper? Did they tape magazine pages around the box? I am ashamed to admit that I have). Post photos as examples, and invite followers to share with their friends. If you shared a tutorial of how to make a Christmas gift using your own goods, it stands a good chance of being shared.
  • Sell Fitness Gear? Post healthy holiday recipe hacks, ways to stay fit over the holidays, or even a post giving followers a permission slip to relax and enjoy those holiday cookies. Video is quickly becoming the most readily digested marketing content, so consider posting a quick video of some simple exercise moves to do over the season with family.
  • Own a Music Store? Share your favorite Christmas and holiday songs. You can post videos, either from YouTube or of yourself playing the song. Ask fans to share their favorites. You can even turn this into a game by posting one line of sheet music and asking fans to guess what song it is from. The first responder to guess correctly can win a prize, whether it be a free item, free shipping, or whatever else you feel comfortable giving away.

Do you have any other ideas on how to engage with followers as it relates to the holiday season? Let us know your tips in the comments, and we will create a follow up post based on your suggestions.

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