Solid Commerce vs. Ecomdash

Like ChannelAdvisor, Solid Commerce is one of the older multichannel inventory software offerings on the market. Solid Commerce focuses on inventory, order, listing management, and repricing. Their customer base ranges from medium to enterprise companies.

Looking For An Alternative To Solid Commerce?

Due to the proprietary nature of their pricing details, we aren’t able to publish a comparison chart with side-by-side pricing. However, we did compare their functionality to ours below.

Administration Overview

Solid Commerce offers more than 30 integrations for online retailers, but it isn’t clear if they are available at each price tier or if you have to pay extra per channel. They don’t list their pricing tiers other than the starting price which is $499 a month with the ability to have unlimited orders for $5,000. Ecomdash offers unlimited sales channels and other ecommerce features starting as low as $25 a month. Not only that, but we also offer our very own webstore builder. It’s easy to use and can be created in minutes. Start listing products on your personalized website today!

Differences in Inventory Systems

Multiwarehousing, bundling, inventory movement, and more are all listed on the Solid Commerce site. Again, it is hard to tell what is included at the $499 price point, but they seem to offer many of the same features as ecomdash. Ecomdash offers all of the same features listed on their inventory management page for a fraction of the cost.

Shipping & Fulfillment

Users can view all sales orders in the Solid Commerce platform, along with printing pick lists and packing slips. You can also use their Solidship software to print shipping labels and set automated rules, along with other various features. It doesn’t state whether this shipping software is an added cost or not. Similar to ecomdash, they offer dropshipping and third-party fulfillment management, along with FTP connections for supplier fees.

Restocking Features

Solid Commerce doesn’t mention any purchasing features in their product tour. We pride ourselves on being an end-to-end inventory solution. You can manage restocking to fulfilling your products and create purchase orders to buy more products. All these features and more are included at every tier.

Manage Product Listings

You have the ability to list your items to new marketplaces with Solid Commerce. They mention the ability to manage various product details and pricing options. Sellers can list to the popular marketplaces and webstores, including Shopify and Magento. With ecomdash, you can list your products to any of our integrated channels, all at the same price listed on our pricing page. We don’t charge extra for listing new products.

Reporting and Extra Features

Solid Commerce mentions a reporting dashboard with access to your best and worst products, financial reports, and various other helpful reports. We offer multiple sales reports that you can access at any time.

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