Are there any good alternatives to Solid Commerce?

Solid Commerce vs. Ecomdash

Like Channel Advisor, Solid Commerce is one of the older multichannel inventory software offerings on the market. Solid Commerce focuses on inventory, order, shipping and listing management, with a repricing system built in to the tool. Each integrated marketplace and shopping cart typically costs an individual flat fee to be setup.

So, how do we compare to Solid Commerce?

Solid Commerce offers a vendor management system similar to ecomdash – users can connect warehouse/dropshipper inventory with their sales channels. Though Solid Commerce usually shakes out as less expensive than ChannelAdvisor, it still charges transaction fees on all sales orders. That’s something ecomdash has never done, and doesn’t plan on doing. Like ecomdash, support is included – but only through email and chat. Solid Commerce users can create kits and bundles. Users cannot track raw materials from built products though – an advanced inventory function ecomdash offers to all users.

Solid Commerce requires its users to manage much of their data through excel spreadsheets. Ecomdash offers an alternative to Solid Commerce because we do not require use of spreadsheets at all, and only minimal use of spreadsheets to upload inventory from non-integrated systems. We know you switched to an inventory management software to ditch the spreadsheets, not take them along for the long haul.

Due to the proprietary nature of Solid Commerce’s pricing information, ecomdash is not able to publish a comparison chart with side-by-side pricing.

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Liz PekarekAlternative to Solid Commerce