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Get ready to do some spring-cleaning. Aside from tidying up your home, doing some cleaning and reorganizing will be helpful within your business as well. If you’re still bogged down with old holiday inventory or stale marketing practices, now is the time to clean up your strategy. Here’s how to declutter and get organized so that you can enjoy a successful spring season.


Offer Clearances

Clearances are sometimes mistakenly seen as something that could hurt a company, since you would be selling your merchandise at a lower cost. But by placing your items on clearance, you can actually help your business by boosting sales and reducing your inventory of unwanted or out-of-season products. Create a plan and a timeline of what you would like to sell, when you would like to sell, how much you would like to sell it for and the expected period of time you would like to sell out of said products. Once that is decided, monitoring your sales should determine if you are on the right track in regards to price or whether you should lower the cost in the near future. Try Amazon Sponsored Product ads to get your clearance items in front of a bigger audience.


Work  On Your Email Marketing

After a hectic holiday season you might have found yourself with a slew of new, interested customers. Now is a perfect time to capitalize on this good fortune. Where regular advertising persuades a potential customer to buy your product or service, email marketing engages current customers by presenting updates on the business, announcing sales and giving out coupons. We recently discussed how to clean up your email content for better results in 5 ways to improve your email marketing strategy.


Reorganize and Refreshing Website Content

As the seasons change, so should your website. It doesn’t have to be anything major, but given the season, a change in color scheme of header images or sidebar graphics will denote a change from the holiday season (and allude to exciting new inventory).  Also ensuring that your site is secure, mobile friendly and easily navigable can will encourage customers to stick around.


Throw Out and Delete Old Files

This tip is more behind the scenes than anything that could be seen on your website, but its important nonetheless. If you are bogged down with months (or maybe years) of old emails, files and papers that are no longer relevant to the way you do business, scrap them. A clean, well organized inbox and filing system will make it easy to find documents when you need them, and give you the time and space to work on other aspects of your business. Delete and toss out anything that is not pertinent to the health of your business right now. If you have important documents saved to your computer, print out a hard copy and store them in a folder at your desk in the event of a crash. No, this is not the most glamorous tip. But a successful business starts from ground zero with organized data and a clean process for storing and saving items.


Update Social Media Accounts

81% of small to medium sized businesses utilize social media in order to reach their customer base. Over 50% of customers utilize a business’ social media account when trying to make a purchasing decision. With competitors and business making the most of social media, you need to make sure that during your spring cleaning session you update all of your accounts with fun, engaging content that can get your customers excited about new products or events coming up. Switch out your cover photos with new graphics that mimic the colors of spring, and plan on writing blogs or posts that detail how your products can be used seasonally.

During spring, the flowers grow and bloom into something new –  the same should go for your business. In order for a business to grow, old inventory, processes and general clutter have got to go. With these tips, you can really see a flourish in profits and customer interaction. Growing can be difficult for a business but hopefully these tips and tricks help make that journey easier for you.

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