Starting an online business can be many things – exciting, challenging, a new adventure, a passion you’ve always envisioned, the 4-hour-work week of your dreams…the list goes on. But no matter which way you spin it, quitting your 9-5 to become your own boss is, underneath all the excitement, very scary. There’s no guarantee that it’ll take off. There’s no guarantee that come tomorrow, your online store will have the sales to keep it open. In the world of entrepreneurship, where things can shift and evolve overnight, not a lot is set in stone.

Former Facebook engineer and current VP of Operations at Dropbox, Ruchi Sanghvi, understands those fears. She lived them in the early days of Facebook, when it was a group of college kids coding at their computers in pajamas, in an office above a Chinese restaurant. She lived it when she left Facebook to begin her own company. She’s living it now, because even though she’s now the VP of Ops at the widely successful company that eventually bought her startup, she has decided that no matter what, she will face the terrifying prospect of the unknown.

In this video, Sanghvi discusses why it is so vital for entrepreneurs to let those fears go. Will the uncertainty leave? No. But choosing to face the unknown is far more satisfying than allowing your fears to conquer you. When it comes to running a business online, those fears can either swallow you, or you can rise to meet them. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

Success doesn’t come from comfort. It begins when you accept the things that terrify you, and boldly face them all the same.

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