Stitch Labs vs. Ecomdash

Stitch Labs is an inventory and order management software with a focus on inventory and reporting. Within Stitch Labs, users can view their wholesale contacts, orders and fulfillment needs from a central screen – similar to the warehouse and supplier feed management in ecomdash.

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Administration Overview

Stitch Labs determines its price based on a company quote, so there’s a possibility you’ll be investing a large sum into this service. However, they do offer the same level of support, unlimited channels and users, and overall similar functionality as ecomdash. One big difference is they do require a yearly contract and payment, along with implementation training (fee isn’t included in the monthly cost).

Stitch Labs
Number of Users unlimited unlimited
Channels Included unlimited unlimited
Number of Orders per Month up to 100 2000
Freemium Plan -
Chat Support
Email Support
Phone Support
Free Onboarding Session -

Differences in Inventory Systems

Stitch Labs started out as an inventory management solution, similar to ecomdash, and offers many of the same features. They allow sellers to track inventory across multiple warehouses, multiple POS locations, and sync their FBA inventory. Ecomdash is a great affordable alternative to Stitch Labs as we include all the same functionality for significantly less money.

Stitch Labs
Inventory Management
Sync Products in Kits/Bundles
Track Raw Materials of Built Products
Sync Multiple POS Locations
Sync Inventory Across Multiple Warehouses
FBA Inventory Management
Barcode Generation
Inventory Audit Technology
Inventory Movement Logs
CSV Inventory Imports/Exports

Shipping & Fulfillment

While Stitch Labs has many order management tools, the actual merchant fulfillment functionality is available through their 3rd party integration partners such as ShipStation or ShippingEasy. In addition to the lack of merchant fulfillment solutions, Stitch Labs limits the 3rd party fulfillment options for their basic package users.

Stitch Labs
Shipping Management
Edit Sales Orders
Automatically Manage Pre-Orders or Backorders -
Customize Rules to Hold Orders
Partially Fulfill Orders With Automated Shipment Notifications
Bulk Sales Order Import
Automatically Route Orders Based On Pre-Set Fulfillment Priorities
Automatically Sync Out Shipping & Tracking Details
Split Orders Manually
Automatically Split Sales Orders For Fulfillment
Scan Barcodes -
Merchant Fulfillment
Print Pick Lists and Packing Slips -
Receive Free Pitney Bowes Account -
Receive USPS Commercial Base Plus Pricing -
Print USPS shipping labels -
Print Labels for Other Carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) -
Create Shipping Rules For Dynamic Data Entry
3rd Party Fulfillment
FBA Order Routing
Automated Dropship Order Management -
Fulfill Orders Across Multiple Warehouses
3PL Integrations
Seller Fulfilled Prime -
Supplier Feeds -

Restocking Features

Stitch Labs offers many of the same purchasing elements as ecomdash. You can generate purchase orders, track inventory in transit, and manage work orders for assembled products. They do limit their features for the basic plan such as tracking landed costs and restock forecasting.

Stitch Labs
Purchasing Management
Generate Purchase Orders
Track Inventory In Transit Between Warehouses
Create Work Orders For Built Products
Restock Forecasting Details -
Supplier Management
Bulk Purchase Order Import
Set Custom Low Stock Notifications

Manage Product Listings

Listing isn’t a main focus of Stitch Labs, but they do have some basic features. You can manage product prices on certain integrated channels with Stitch Labs. In addition to the price, you can also list new products to Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and Square. Ecomdash is a great alternative with our bulk listing builder for over 15 integrations, listing presets, and custom HTML templates.

Stitch Labs
Listing Management
Multichannel Listing Tool
Sync Price Changes
Update, End, or Relist Live Listings
One-click Import of Existing Listings from Channels
Product Tagging
Bulk Listing Builder -
Listing Presets & Templates -
List Products with Variations
(eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Shopify, and Jet)
Compatible with CrazyLister Templates -
Custom Product Attributes -

Reporting and Extra Features

There are a lot of great reports for both inventory and sales available in Stitch Labs. Their reporting functionality includes a graphical dashboard and other various reporting tools. With ecomdash offering over 40+ ecommerce reports, you can easily access just about any details needed for making data driven decisions.

Stitch Labs
Inventory Valuation
Sales Trends
Cost of Goods Report
Sync Sales Receipts and POs to QuickBooks Online
API Access
App Store -
Mobile App -
FTP/SFTP Connectors

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