stop-pulling-out-your-hair-auto-sync-your-inventory-sales-orders-insteadWhen it comes to sales orders, we have heard it all. Checking marketplaces one at a time is tedious. Searching for sales orders manually is time consuming. The whole process is giving you alopecia because you’re pulling your hair out (we didn’t make that up – we actually heard that). Please don’t do that. Save your scalp, and sync your inventory and manage sales orders with ecomdash.

We end the frustration of logging into each sales channel piecemeal by putting all of your marketplaces on one solution, with one log-in, and one display format. We can check for sales orders as often as every five minutes on all your marketplaces and shopping carts, and pull them into ecomdash.

Worried about overselling? No problem. We’ve taken care of that by updating inventory across all the places you sell automatically, without you having to lift a finger. And if an item is pending payment, ecomdash will still adjust inventory across your marketplaces, just in case.

Need to create a manual sales order? That’s fine too. We offer that option, because we know some of you busy entrepreneurs are at trade shows, and may need to manually create an order (we respect the hustle).

For a detailed list of features, examples of how we work it, and what our customers have to say, feel free to check out our website. Whether it’s by protecting brand integrity by preventing overselling or helping you manage your inventory, we want to make things easy for you. Let’s face it, between running a business and the million other things you must do – you’re busy. Give yourself (and your scalp) a break, and let ecomdash pick up the slack. We’re here, and we’re happy to help.

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