With our continued growth, we’ve been able to add more marketplace integrations to help you gain visibility and increase profits. Sears, a marketplace with 15 million loyal customers daily, is not only popular, it’s profitable. We’re happy to announce that our integration with Sears is complete – and we are ready to help you get set up!

As with our other marketplace integrations, ecomdash customers will enjoy the full benefits of our inventory, sales order, fulfillment and shipping technology.  As you sell products on Sears (as well as your other sales channels), ecomdash will automatically update inventory levels and sync the balance of quantities in every place you sell. Sellers will be able to

  • Import sales orders from Sears and other sales channels as often as every five minutes.
  • Abandon checking the marketplace individually- ecomdash imports all your critical data from Sears right from the dashboard.
  • Mitigate the risk of overselling – we track product sales and make sure the new inventory quantities are accurate on all sales channels.
  • Create and print custom packing slips and shipping labels for your Sears orders.
  • Have peace of mind with shipping – we mark items as shipped in the marketplace, and send a tracking info to your customer.
  • Send emails to customers based on what they bought. You can schedule emails to share coupons, updates and more.
  • Easily kit and bundle your items to be listed on the Sears marketplace.

We are excited for our Sears marketplace integration, and are eager to see how this additional marketplace helps you sell more product, in more places. If you have any questions, sign up for a consultation. If you have questions about the Sears marketplace, read more ‘About’ articles or consult the Sears.com commerce FAQs.

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