Long live small business and big dreams.

Our Mission

We’re an ecommerce inventory automation software that simplifies online selling. More importantly, we’re a team of creative and collaborative individuals that love to brainstorm new ways to make our customers’ wallets bigger and lives easier. We think online selling shouldn’t just be for the big dogs – the one percent who can afford advanced, enterprise integration software. That’s why we created our highly efficient, all-in-one integration tool made just for budding entrepreneurs and ecommerce visionaries. Our customers aren’t just numbers – we know them by name, and we dedicate ourselves fully to making their lives simpler. We don’t just love them Monday through Friday. We’re all-in, 100% smitten with our small business sellers, and we’re here to help them grow.

Meet the Team

  • Kevin is still upset that the DMV didn’t ask his hair color when he renewed his license. They just put grey. It was brutal. Kevin CIO | Co-Founder
  • Walter shares a name with one of our customers' lizards. He's a 5 and a half foot meat eating monster (the lizard, not Walter). Walter Customer Success
  • Liz loves almond chai tea lattes, boots, scarves & crunchy leaves. She’s the physical embodiment of a fall Pinterest board. Liz Partner Marketing
  • In his former life, Drew was a DJ that went by the name of “Disco Thief.” Seriously, look him up. Andrew Engineering
  • Nick is our chief cook & bottle washer, & devoted Ohio fan. He hopes to witness a Cleveland Browns championship in his lifetime. Nick CEO
  • Casey was #1 at quoting Lord of the Rings on his entire high school baseball team, and the 4th best backup pitcher. Casey Product Development
  • Greg brings donuts to the office about once a week, causing us all to follow him like a mama duck. We like donuts and we like Greg. Greg Engineering
  • After whipping up a yummy casserole, Haley can be found cross-stitching on her couch while listening to a multitude of true crime podcasts. Jekyll and Hyde, much? Haley Marketing
  • Avid fan of heavy metal, NHL, NFL, & NASCAR. In that order. Darrin Engineering | Co-Founder
  • Sydney is a vegetarian who wants to be vegan, but she's hesitant to give up ice cream or chocolate. She can typically be seen dressed in all black, yelling at bad drivers in parking lots. That's way less weird than it sounds. Sydney Marketing
  • Matt used to charge kids on the playground $5 to play through the hard parts of Pokemon for them. A true young entrepreneur. Matt Customer Success
  • Cathy may run marathons for fun, but taking a second trip to bring in the groceries is too much physical effort. Cathy Product Development
  • This self-proclaimed "roundabout expert" can most often be found reading math and physics textbooks before heading to the gym for some weightlifting. Brandon Product Development
  • Ben once accidentally fell into a mall fountain. We imagine it looked like Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which Ben probably owns on Blu-ray. He has over 630! Ben Product Development
  • Brittany’s nightly routine is singing “I’ll be there for you” to her (Smelly) cat, Charlie. Clearly, she’s a Friends fanatic. Brittany Customer Success
  • Scott enjoys high-risk hobbies such as snowboarding and being a Jets fan. He plays entirely too much XBOX and hates when people drive slow in the left lane. Scott Engineering
  • What he thought was his first date in college was actually a recruiting tactic to be on the cheerleading team. Surprise. It worked. Brian Customer Success
  • You can typically find Pooja eating her weight in guacamole while engineering a program to control minds (not in a creepy way, of course). Pooja Product Development
  • Paul picked a peck of plump poblano peppers after playing Pokemon while eating a perfect peppermint patty. Paul Engineering
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