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We’re an ecommerce inventory management software that simplifies online multichannel selling. More importantly, we’re a team of creative and collaborative individuals that love to brainstorm new ways to make our customers’ wallets bigger and lives easier.

Kevin is still upset that the DMV didn’t ask his hair color when he renewed his license. They just put grey. It was brutal.


CIO | Co-Founder


Liz loves almond chai tea lattes, boots, scarves & crunchy leaves. She’s the physical embodiment of a fall Pinterest board.




Ben once accidentally fell into a mall fountain. We imagine it looked like Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which Ben probably owns on Blu-ray. He has over 800!


Customer Support

After whipping up a yummy casserole, Haley can be found cross-stitching on her couch while listening to a multitude of true crime podcasts. Jekyll and Hyde, much?




As a child, Enoch wanted to be a performer like Michael Jackson. He doesn’t moonwalk around the office, but you may catch him belting John Legend at a local karaoke bar.


Customer Support

This Charlotte-native spends her days sipping on hot tea, binge-watching Shameless and RHOC, and tending to her new plant purchases (the past plants are usually dead within a week).



In his former life, Drew was a DJ that went by the name of “Disco Thief.” Seriously, look him up.




When Rachael isn’t watching 80’s movies and Netflix originals with her cat, Miller, you can probably find her wandering the aisles of Target or in the crowd at a music festival.


Customer Support

Nick is our chief cook & bottle washer, & devoted Ohio fan. He hopes to witness a Cleveland Browns championship in his lifetime.



Sierra is a thrifty shopper from NOVA, whose preference of men’s clothes over women’s can only be topped by her preference for cartoon kids’ shows over the live-action variety.


Customer Support

Darrin is an avid fan of heavy metal, NHL, NFL, & NASCAR. In that order.


Engineering | Co-Founder


Reeves is your normal 4ft 11.75in girl. She can row better than any dude here, open a wine bottle with her shoes, dance ballet, and play a concerto on her violin.


Customer Support

What he thought was his first date in college was actually a recruiting tactic to be on the cheerleading team. Surprise. It worked.


Customer Support


Our resident dual-citizen from Canada spends her days going to yoga class, online shopping, and searching for new restaurants to try (preferably Indian).




Greg brings donuts to the office about once a week, causing us all to follow him like a mama duck. We like donuts and we like Greg.




This former Canadian is the epitome of a nerd (his words, not ours). He spends his time playing D&D (Dungeons and Dragons for you non-nerds), thinking about playing D&D and listening to podcasts about D&D.




Anthony’s perfect day: Play a round of golf, whip up a 3-course lobster dinner, take a long walk on the beach, and belt out “Tequila” at the karaoke bar.


Customer Support


Paul picked a peck of plump poblano peppers after playing Pokemon while eating a perfect peppermint patty.



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