How were your Cyber Monday and Black Friday ecommerce sales?

It’s been about two weeks since Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and we wanted to check in to see how you were doing. Internet Retailer reports that so far, ecommerce in total has grown 11% over the previous holiday season and brought in $17.518 billion in sales. Thanksgiving weekend alone, sales were reported to have grown 14.28% from last year. Even though the holiday shopping season is still in full swing, how’s it going so far? Here are a couple questions- feel free to answer any and all in the comments, or share anything else that’s on your mind during this big shopping season.

How are your sales? We’ve talked in the past about how ecommerce continues to grow, namely around the holidays. Did you experience the 14.28% increase in sales? Or are things looking similar to last year?

How is your store traffic? If it’s decent or better than last year, why do you think that is? Was it due to any social media advertising? What do you think worked – any major ecommerce marketing contributors you can think of?

Did you encounter any unforeseen problems, maybe with stock outs or overselling, servers crashing or slower fulfillment this year? Were there any problems you predicted that came to fruition? How did you prepare and conquer, or were you caught unprepared?

What are you planning on doing differently next year? Or, what are you planning to repeat, either in your marketing efforts, inventory ordering, shipping procedures, etc.?

We’re really curious to hear from you, and want to write a follow up post about you and your company to help other sellers (and us) learn from the best. Tell us about your ecommerce results in the comments. We look forward to hearing from you!

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