There are obvious benefits to selling your products across multiple online marketplaces. You get a more diverse crowd of customers, you have a better chance of selling your products, and you are able to push more inventory as a whole. However, managing each of your marketplaces is an entirely different story. To update each listing, you need to sign in to the marketplace; you need to update all of the numbers by hand; you need to spend time finding which products you sold; and you need to finalize your shipping information. Now rinse and repeat this for every marketplace you do business on, and you have spent half a day’s work doing just one thing.

Using ecomdash to automate all of your marketplaces saves you the time and hassle of repeating all of those steps with every marketplace you have. Ecomdash synchs with the most popular online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon and puts each one side-by-side with the other on one landing page. Clicking one button pulls the sales orders from every marketplace you have and combines the sold products on one picklist for easy shipping.

Once your products are ready to be shipped, ecomdash will produce the packing slip for each package you are shipping and allow you to do all shipping within the ecomdash system. After your packages are out of the door, ecomdash will tell the marketplaces that the product has shipped and supply the relevant tracking information, all without having to leave ecomdash.

Managing multiple online marketplaces used to mean going from page to page, login to login, and update everything by hand. With ecomdash, you can run your entire order management system in one place, saving you the time and hassle of managing multiple marketplaces in multiple locations.

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