The Ecomdash Order Managment Process

A smart company will want to sell its product in more places than just its own home site. It’s going to want to sell the product on Ebay, Amazon, and other online marketplaces. But when that’s the case then you have to deal with Ebay’s order management dashboard, Amazon’s order management dashboard, and a variety of other websites that each have individual order management systems. The ecomdash order management process allows you to do the same things each individual website offers, but all in one location.

Regardless of which website it is, once a customer has proceeded to checkout on a website the order management system begins. Ecomdash will recognize that you just sold a product and will update the inventory across all of the websites you have in the system automatically. It will then generate the picklist of items that are needed, and the packing slips that need to go into each individual package shipped. At the same time that is happening the system will also generate a shipping label to get your product out of the door. Once your package is picked up ecomdash will automatically tell the website that the product is shipped and provide a tracking number that your customer can use to follow their new product from your warehouse to their home.

Ecomdash will also provide you will relevant sales numbers across all your sales platforms. Integrated sales numbers will provide you with the ability to track who is buying your product, where your products are being shipped, and which websites are generating the most sales.

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Kevin LoomisThe Ecomdash Order Managment Process

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