How did you get your first job? Did you walk in and apply? Did you bring a crisp resume? Were you wearing ironed pants so soaked in starch that there was an audible “crunch” with every step you took? That’s not what Kara Swisher did.

The Co-Executive Editor of tech news site Re/code went about landing her first job as a writer in a bolder way. When she attended Georgetown University, Kara wrote for the student newspaper. While reading the Washington Post one day, Kara discovered an article that was ridden with typos and factual errors. She called up then metro editor Larry Kramer, and called him out, holding him accountable for the errors. He challenged her to come in and say that to his face. She did. He hired her as a freelance writer covering Georgetown. Today, Kara writes for and curates content for Re/code, a site for tech news and independent reviews (plus much more).

So what can we learn from Kara Swisher? For one, how to be bold in our endeavors. As small business owners, it can be daunting to try out something new. Maybe you’ve considered launching a new product, or opening up another sales channel. Whatever your next business move is, take a lesson from Kara. Known for her resilience and sharp wit, Kara goes confidently into each new step. Yes, she plans and makes conscientious decisions about where, and how, she invests her time and talents- but she is brazenly honest about what she wants and what she thinks. When asked about her own ambitions for Re/code, she answered that she doesn’t think “they are modest ambitions, by any stretch.” But big goals and bold ideas have yet to foil her or hold her back.

If there’s one thing Kara doesn’t do, it’s let something new – or someone big – intimidate her (when Steve Jobs asked her what she thought of iTunes Ping, she told him “it sucked”). When you explore new business ventures, partnerships or products, don’t be fearful of the new. Do your research, be meticulous, and then attack it with full force. Something is only new and intimidating until you get a grasp on in – which you inevitably will. If you run a small business successfully, you are intelligent, savvy and resourceful. Let that guide you. Be bold like Kara, and find within you the confidence to take your business further.

To learn more about Kara and see what she has to say, follow her at Re/ or on twitter @karaswisher.

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