10 Christmas Products to Sell Online for Adults

Christmas is quite possibly the most anticipated time of the year for households everywhere. You get a break from work, spend quality time with the family, and best of all, get to open presents!

For many online retailers, the holiday season also means incredible profits. Here are 10 great product ideas for Christmas 2018 that are sure to add some holiday cheer to your sales charts.


Portable Speakers

The fact that a portable speaker – The Echo- was the best-selling product on Amazon during last years’ holiday season tells us that these musical gadgets are in high demand.

What’s more, manufacturers have come a long way in bridging the quality gap between cheaper and better known brands. If your ecommerce business is geared towards electronic products, selling good quality and affordable portable speakers could be your ticket to big profits when Christmas time rolls around.


Fitness Trackers

Fitness culture is taking over the globe. Many people are choosing to do away with traditional watches and replace them with fitness trackers. These gadgets can tell time like any watch, while also tracking metrics like your heart rate, distance traveled, speed, calorie consumption, and even sleep quality.

Fitbit and Apple Watches are the most famous and expensive brands, but with competitors emerging all the time, fitness trackers are a great way for online sellers to reach a wide range of buyers and cash in on the healthy living revolution.


Christmas Treats

For many of us, eating and receiving gifts are two of our most favorite activities around Christmas time. Why not give your buyers the chance to combine the two?

Online food sales have been increasing rapidly as many supermarket chains have started offering delivery as a service. Third-party food delivery is now a $13 billion market with plenty of room to grow.  So offering chocolates, cookies, and sugar canes online might not be a bad idea.


Christmas Cookbooks

Getting some treats for Christmas is great, but so is learning how to make them!

Recipes would ideally combine both delicious dinners and irresistible desserts to enjoy after the gifts have been unwrapped. Another great way to take advantage of this trend is to put together kits or subscription boxes for customers that teach them how to make iconic Christmas treats.


Ugly Christmas Sweater

Written off by some observers as a passing FAD, the Ugly Christmas sweater has proved to be a massive hit with consumers in the past few editions of Christmas.

Millions of these sweaters were sold in North America last year, making some clever entrepreneurs a pretty penny – with a few even quitting their lucrative full-time jobs to sell them! While more sellers have been entering this market as time goes on, demand doesn’t seem to be fading.


Customized Christmas Products

Customized products like mugs and t-shirts are always popular for any holiday, and Christmas is no different! You have the option of selling either ready-made products, or making your own designs.

Don’t have the resources to manufacture these custom products? Let customers choose the design and then sent the order to a dropship supplier, while only marginally increasing your Cost of Goods Sold .


Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Let’s face it, when it comes to housekeeping, very few of us want to spend our spare time cleaning and vacuuming. Luckily, as far is this chore goes at least, we have little assistants now.

Compared to your typical vacuum cleaner, using these little robots is a great way to fight dust mites in a fraction of the time (and the work). With lots of suppliers to choose from and a wide price range, these handy contraptions could make a great addition to your online store


Bath and Shower Kits

Everyone loves feeling clean and pampered, and even more so when we celebrate the holidays and kicking off a new year.  Bath and shower kits can include soaps, shampoo, bath bombs, as well as shower and body creams.

Maybe create a “spa kit” and bundle a few of your products together to create a wonderful present for the relaxing types. From candles to bath pillows to bubble bath containers, the sky’s the limit.


Electric Pressure Cookers

Late last year, Amazon reported that a pressure cooker was their top-selling kitchen item. And who wouldn’t want to make tasty meals in less time and with less effort and mess?

Prices can vary from $30 all the way to $150, providing flexibility for retailers looking to attract their niche customers.  After all, less time in the kitchen means more time making snowmen and hanging up Christmas lights!


Gift Cards

Whether you’re selling, buying, or both, the holiday season is always a busy time of the year. Tight schedules mean that lot’s of shoppers will be scrambling for last minute gifts.

The most popular last minute gift is the gift card. While it may not be the most original idea, who doesn’t like to get a gift card from their favorite store? Many companies work with third-party retailers to maximize sales of gift cards – especially during holidays and special sales events.

Offering gift cards to your target audience from brands and stores they love can be an easy way to get great returns. It is also a great way to build strategic partnerships with similar brands in your niche.


Final Thoughts

Capitalize on the massive holiday online traffic with a rock-solid ecommerce marketing strategy . Take a look at our section of holiday tips for online retailers for suggestions.

If you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out our companion piece about the top 10 kid’s Christmas products to sell online.

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