Whether you’re just getting started in ecommerce or an experienced seller, it’s always helpful to peek in on what others have done, and what’s brought them success. If it’s true that learning through experience is best, it stands to reason that learning through the experience of others is just as valid. Perhaps the wisdom of others may even be better, to help you avoid pitfalls of online selling before you get too close to the edge. Of course, not everyone is as forthright with their successes, and certainly not their failures. And if they are, they probably are anticipating a profit in exchange for their knowledge.

Fortunately, there are a good number of entrepreneurs and ecommerce mavericks who are not only willing to share- they’re sharing for free. Here are the top 3 eBooks for all online sellers and entrepreneurs, and here’s where you can get them (please do note: since these are free, they require email registration).

Ecommerce Get Started Guide- Richard Lazazzera

Author of the blog, “A Better Lemonade Stand,” Richard Lazazzera is an ecommerce expert who provides insight based on his own experiences. His starter guide is a brief overview of best blogs to read, resources for website design, where to find a patent, free tools, free stock photos, and more. He even has special partner discounts for signing up –yes, he offers you a free book, and then gives you coupons for software you may need while running your ecommerce store. We like him. Get the eBook here.

 Profitable eCommerce- Andrew Youderian

A few years back, Andrew Youderain quick his corporate job, and instead decided to do something that made him happy. Starting from scratch, he built his ecommerce business from the ground up, surpassing one million in annual sales in only a couple years. In his eBook, he shares his experiences and insights with great candor. His story of success is one that was built hard work and careful planning- two elements that can be recreated for your own business goals. Get the eBook here.

The 2014 Mobile E-commerce Strategy Playbook- Mobify

Optimization providers Mobify saw a discrepancy between the increased traffic of shoppers accessing pages on mobile sites versus actual conversion rates of sales. For as fast as mobile ecommerce is growing, sales should be keeping up. So what were people doing wrong? Mobify identifies where the disconnect lies, and outlines a strategy for ecommerce sites to get their customers buying on mobile- not just browsing. Get the eBook here.

We hope these eBooks provide some guidance, insights and strategies for your next business move. For more tools, research news and more, please feel free to subscribe to our blog.

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