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The landscape of ecommerce today is all about improving the customer experience. Today’s shoppers have high expectations when it comes to the online brands they patronize.

As ecommerce has grown and more people are able to shop when they want, for what they want, it isn’t surprising that you now must consider allowing them to purchase products how they want. And for many, that means shopping on smartphones and tablets with the payment providers they prefer.


Why You Need to Offer Payment Options for Mobile Users

Mobile ecommerce accounts for well over half of all online sales worldwide. In 2017, nearly $1.4 trillion was spent online via mobile devices, which is 59% of all internet sales for the year. And, mobile sales for 2018 are expected to increase to $1.8 trillion, or 63% of worldwide ecommerce sales.

It is no longer a choice for ecommerce retailers – they must have mobile-friendly sites and offer the mobile checkout options customers want.

So, how do you know which mobile checkout options are going to satisfy your customers? To help, we’ve put together a list of the top seven options to include on your store’s mobile checkout pages.


Top Seven Mobile Payment Options for Ecommerce Websites

Here are the options you should offer on your mobile checkout pages:


#1 – PayPal

For ecommerce retailers, offering PayPal is a no-brainer. In fact, according to Nielsen, stores that provide PayPal as a payment option experience up to a 44% higher checkout rate than those that don’t. More than 210 million consumers worldwide use PayPal for transactions in over 100 different currencies.

To use PayPal as an option for your mobile customers, you must have a PayPal Business or Premier account.


#2 – Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the simplest way for Apple device users to make purchases online. It is a secure digital wallet that makes mobile checkout 58% faster than other methods, which translates into a lower shopping cart abandonment rate for ecommerce sellers.

Consumers can link their major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) to their Apple Pay account, and authorize payments with just one touch.


#3 – Amazon Pay

Amazon is an established and trusted name for both buyers and sellers. It now offers a digital wallet with stored information (shipping addresses, payment methods, etc.) from a buyer’s Amazon account that makes buying products on their devices super simple.

For ecommerce sellers, accepting Amazon Pay can help increase conversion rates and reduce friction at checkout that often causes shoppers to leave online stores. You must have an Amazon Payments Merchant Account to add Amazon Pay to your accepted payment methods.


#4 – Google Pay

Google Pay is the combination and rebranding of Android Pay and Google Wallet. Google made this move at the beginning of 2017 to eliminate customer confusion about which option worked for which purchases.

Google Pay allows customers to make purchases online using major debit, credit, and gift cards. It also allows users to store loyalty cards which helps manage reward points.


#5 – Visa Checkout

Visa is the single most trusted brand in payment options, it leads all other payment providers in transactions processed and cards issued.

With Visa Checkout, consumers can link all major debit and credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Their card numbers and billing address are stored, so they can avoid the those required steps at checkout. This time-saving benefit allows customers to check out quickly, leading to sellers enjoying higher conversion rates.


#6 – Chase Pay

A fairly new member of the digital wallet club is Chase Pay. Chase pay allows both Apple and Android users to make online purchases using their Chase Visa cards. This is convenient for Chase cardholders and it may mean increased customer spend for you, as customers can spend more at your store with their Chase Ultimate Rewards points.


#7 – Samsung Pay

While Samsung Pay is more limited than other digital wallets, it is accepted online, in apps, and in stores. It is compatible with Samsung Android mobile devices and can be linked to Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. It is yet another option that ecommerce retailers can use to encourage Samsung users to complete purchases and increase conversion rates.


Start Using Mobile Checkout Options

If you aren’t offering customers the types of mobile checkout options they want, they are likely to look for a retailer that is. Adding at least some of the above possibilities will ensure that you keep current shoppers and garner more.


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