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For ecommerce retailers, the holidays can bring stress and chaos. The increase in sales is great…but the mayhem of trying to fulfill an influx of orders is not. We suggest two things: One, find an order management software to streamline fulfillment. And two, read up on some of the best practices for nailing the holiday season. Here are our top 10 holiday articles to help you manage your shipping, orders, marketing and more!


1. Steal Target’s Holiday Marketing Strategy in 6 Steps

In this article, we discuss strategies for engaging your audience via Instagram. Why Instagram? With about 400 million monthly users, Instagram is the 2nd largest social site, and the average value of a sale through the app is roughly $65. The benefits of building a brand presence on Instagram are too good to pass up. Target shows us how easy it can be with its fun, lighthearted and imaginative posts that still manage to garner a lot of attention. Learn more.


2. 10 Social Media Tips to Boost Ecommerce Holiday Sales

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest days for an ecommerce business. Online sales are expected to reach 4 billion this year, so it’s important to capitalize on this day as much as possible. Need a marketing game plan to make that happen? This article teaches you how to properly map out the messages you want to send to your audience across various social media platforms. Learn more.


3. How to Make Free Shipping a Reality

81% of consumers would rate free shipping as their top priority. Offering free shipping is a great way to attract buyers to your site and stay competitive this season. Providing it, however, may make your wallet a little nervous. We provide budget-conscious tips on how to make free shipping a reality. Learn more.


4. Santa Lost My USPS Package! A Shipping Emergency Checklist.

A product being lost in transit is every ecommerce retailer’s nightmare, particularly around the holidays. Don’t stress – ecomdash has an emergency checklist for you to go over if a package gets lost in the shuffle. Learn more.


5. Lightning-Fast Ways to Increase Ecommerce Conversions

All ecommerce businesses should actively try to increase conversions year round, but this should be of particular concern during the holiday season. Traffic will be higher, so you should maximize sales by increasing the conversion rate. Use these 3 quick tips to bump up conversions with ease. Learn more.


6. Social Media & Ecommerce Marketing Ideas For Christmas

Drawing a blank when trying to come up with marketing ideas for the holiday season? In this article, we provide you with a multitude of ideas for your website and social media pages. These concepts will not only promote your business, but give you a chance to engage with your community in a positive way. Learn more.


7. How to Simplify Shipping this Holiday Season

A solid shipping strategy is the key to establishing a successful business and satisfied customers. We have provided you with three solid shipping tips to choose from (or you can do all three!) to help improve your customers’ shopping and shipping experience. Learn more.


8. 3 Easy Steps to Fix Shopping Cart Abandonment

A whopping 68% of shoppers abandon a shopping cart and leave a website without purchasing. That is a pretty alarming number. So how can you avoid it? With our 3 easy steps, you can combat shopping cart abandonment, without breaking a sweat. Learn more.


9. Top 7 Holiday Ecommerce Marketing Emails

Rethink your email strategy for the holiday season. Which ecommerce emails perform the best? Here are 7 effective emails to improve your campaigns. Learn more.


With these blog posts you can relax and reevaluate some of your strategies for this upcoming holiday season. The various tips that we’ve shared will help you improve you ecommerce business, even after the holidays have drawn to a close.

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