top ecommerce trend publicationsThe ecommerce industry continues to grow and evolve, providing new products, sales strategies, and opportunities to expand your businesses. It’s essential for ecommerce sellers like you to stay up-to-date on new trends and products to remain competitive. In this ever-changing online world, just how do you do that?

One of the best ways to stay on top of ecommerce trends and find innovative niche products is by reading top ecommerce trend publications and blogs. You might be overwhelmed by the number of online resources you’ll find, so we’ve rounded up the ones we think you should check out.


1. Trend Watching

Trend Watching is a global company that searches the world for upcoming trends in consumer products. They use a crowdsourced team of over 3,000 trend-savvy “spotters” worldwide to discover new and noteworthy products. You can read quarterly publications, subscribe to their newsletter, and peruse interesting and informative online articles, all for free. If you want more, upgrade to one of their paid plans for more great information and tools.


2. The Cool Hunter

The Cool Hunter celebrates creativity and inspiration. It’s one of the foremost authorities of design and pop culture, focusing on all things creative – what’s thoughtful, cool, original, and innovative. You will undoubtedly see fresh products and ideas in this online publication that will keep you ahead of the curve. It’s the perfect place for ecommerce sellers to see what is inspiring shoppers to buy.



Top trending online publication, PSFK, offers readers insights, ideas, research, and strategies for running a business. Their trend reports (some available for free, others included with a membership subscription) include a boundless collection of research and statistics that are sure to help with new product selection and sales strategizing.


4. SaleHoo

The SaleHoo ecommerce blog is a great resource for online sellers. They cover just about everything related to running an ecommerce business. If you’re having operational challenges, want to know which products are trending, or need to come up with a new marketing strategy, you will find the advice needed on the SaleHoo blog.


5. Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter is one of the leading trend communities (and one of the largest) you will find online. With over 137,000 members in their worldwide network, you are almost guaranteed to find tips and advice on any ecommerce topic. This site is full of new product ideas for both aspiring and veteran online entrepreneurs.


6. Cool Material

Cool Material is a unique website that provides information for products and consumer goods typically used by men. If your niche involves any products targeting men, check out this site. The blog posts include product reviews and recommendations, how-to’s, and fun articles.


7. We Make Websites Blog

The We Make Websites blog is designed to help Shopify sellers make the most of their businesses. But, even if you don’t use Shopify, you can find hundreds of actionable posts offering education, ideas, sales and marketing strategies, product suggestions, advice on how to streamline websites, and much more. This blog is a must for all ecommerce business owners, no matter the size of your company.


8. Sourcify Blog

The Sourcify blog includes posts on topics related to sourcing, manufacturing, and marketing products for ecommerce retailers. Its goal is to provide ecommerce sellers, both new and experienced, with valuable information and support.


9. Springwise

You can browse Springwise’s articles for various ecommerce business and product ideas published within the last month. If you want more, there is a paid subscription that gives you access to everything in their extensive database. Additionally, you can subscribe to daily or weekly newsletters filled with useful information about ecommerce operations for free.


10. Shopping Signals

Shopping Signals is a blog all about digital marketing for online businesses. Author, Ryan BeMiller, writes insightful and informative posts to help ecommerce business owners grow their sales. Posts include everything from ecommerce 101, to niche product selling, to marketing do’s and don’ts. This is a great blog for ecommerce beginners to get ideas for their new start-up, as well as for veteran online sellers who need a boost in sales.


Start Reading

This list is a good starting point for finding new and interesting publications and blogs that serve as go-to resources for all things ecommerce. Find community support and advice on new strategies, interesting products, and, most importantly, how to grow your business.

Here’s a list of general ecommerce blogs  and a list of ecommerce podcasts you can check out too!

Ecommerce Product Sourcing Strategies for Every Business Model
Ecommerce Product Sourcing Strategies for Every Business Model

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