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Magento is one of the most robust ecommerce platforms available to online retailers today. The platform supports over 200,000 businesses globally with its reliable, flexible, and scalable open-source solution. It has become the most indispensable platform to businesses of all sizes, sectors, and budgets. If you’re an online retailer, it’s certain that you have considered using Magento for your online business, if you are not already doing so.

While Magento comes with a multitude of features, there are additional tools for the Magento user, known as Magento Extensions. You can find an extension for just about anything you need. These extensions help you run your operation more effectively and efficiently.

To help you sift through some of the most popular Magento extensions, we’ve put together a short list of our favorites.


Google Shopping Feed

This Magento extension is designed to automatically sync your products to the Google Merchant account. It allows you to easily generate and manage your whole shopping feed, with no omissions, saving valuable time. With your items available to customers in Google Shopping, traffic and conversions will increase. You are also able to pick and choose which products to upload, the most appropriate product description, and unique product identifiers.

Price: $50.00


Daily Deals

Every retailer understands the importance of discounts and deals. With the Daily Deals extension, you can promote your on-sale products, attracting more customers to make a purchase. This extension comes loaded with a variety of features and capabilities. You can set the date and time for a promotion to start and end, launch deals in the future, and customize the look of a deal. Daily Deals also will add a countdown of your sale with three key pieces of information: the price comparison between regular and sale price, the quantity of the product remaining, and how many items have been purchased. This creates a sense of urgency which motivates your shoppers to make a purchase.

Price: $49.00


Simple Blog

Marketing content has become an essential tool for online retailers to engage potential and repeat customers. Simple blog is just that – an easy-to-use blogging extension for you to run a fully optimized blog within your Magento store. You can write posts and manage the blog easily with this user-friendly extension with no need to use another platform to create it.

Price: $59.00


Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer will reduce the size of your image files without losing image quality to improve the speed of your site. You can optimize images (JPG, GIF, PNG) with the simple click of a button in Magento Admin. Installation is easy and the extension is fully configurable. You are able to change optimization options and swap utilities for optimization for the ones that work best for your site.

Price: Free



MailChimp is a must-have for every ecommerce retailer, big or small. It is a lifesaver when it comes to marketing strategy and it is simple to connect to your online store. This extension is a free integration that syncs customer and order information to your MailChimp list, allowing you to send targeted marketing campaigns including product recommendations.

You will need a MailChimp account to use this extension. MailChimp plan costs are dependent on how many subscribers you have. You can send up to 12,000 emails monthly free if you have a subscriber list of less than 2,000. Otherwise, plans start at $10.00 per month.

Price: Free


Checkout Suite – One Page Checkout

Optimize the checkout process for your customers with One Page Checkout. This extension is simple and responsive for customers using any devices. Reduce the number of steps a customer takes to make a purchase and greatly increase the likelihood they will complete a sale. This free extension will increase your conversion rate and revenue.

Price: Free


Yotpo Reviews

Positive customer reviews are pure gold for the ecommerce business owner. More and more prospective customers base their buying decisions, at least in part, on the reviews that they see from other customers. Yotpo offers retailers an easy solution that allows your customers to write reviews, upload photos, ask questions, and post user-generated content. This activity will help drive traffic and business to your online store, increase conversion rates, and build trust with potential customers. While you’re at it, check out the benefits of using Google Customer Reviews on your site.

Price: Free


Final Thoughts

The above are only a few of the many great extensions available on the Magento Marketplace. There are literally thousands for you to browse and choose from – everything from inventory management to payment processing, marketing to live chat, customer support to shipping and fulfillment, and everything in between. Many of the extensions are free or inexpensive and can improve your operations, customer satisfaction, and bottom line.

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