Top 10 Kids Christmas Products to Sell

With the holidays just around the corner, children all around the world are getting excited about what presents Santa will bring them this year.

Here are the top 10 kid’s Christmas products that are sure to sell like wildfire this holiday season!


1. WowWee Fingerlings Monkey and Mini BFF

Out of the blue, these plastic baby monkeys made by WowWee have become a sensation with kids everywhere. Five different pairs of monkeys are available, and they can all talk while responding to sounds, motions, and touch.

They cling to your fingers or to each other, and are generally considered adorable. Already sold out in some online stores, sales should only increase as Christmas Eve approaches.


2. Video Games

Kids these days just can’t stay away from video games. Stocking up on the most popular titles can boost your sales significantly, especially if the most desired games start to sell out around Christmas time, which is usually the case.

Having hard to find console games readily available will make for happy customers and their kids – after they’ve done their homework of course.


3. Board Games

Classic board games like Monopoly and CandyLand will never go out of fashion. They also make for great family group activities on Christmas morning.

In a world now dominated by virtual reality and the internet, the board game is making a comeback that ecommerce sellers can profit from.


4. Learning Tablets

Kids-themed tablets encourage learning and improve reading skills in children. Many kids tablets are specifically designed to boost knowledge and curiosity.

With many products on the market, prices will vary and so will your potential customer base.


5. Tickle me Elmo

Straight out of the 90’s, Elmo has made a comeback. As the name of the product suggests, Elmo talks after being tickled.

This toy will be particularly popular with young parents who want to share their nostalgia with their kids.


6. Lego

These plastic construction toys are usually accompanied by small figurines in the shape of humans or other creatures.

The trending lego packs are Star Wars and Jurassic Park. The models are fun and sometimes challenging to build (both for kids and adults). However, the price tag on these toys may scare away some consumers.


7. Stuffed Animals

It’s hard to find a kid that doesn’t love stuffed animals. As an online retailer, you can take advantage of the in-store Build-a-Bear teddy bear craze by selling similarly fluffy and adorable products online.


8. Action Figures

After being popularized during the 60’s with G.I. Joe, action figures of the most popular and trendy superheroes remain some of the most timeless and popular presents that kids love to receive. These toys have the benefit of possibly becoming collectors items some day.


9. Dolls

Dolls of all shapes and sizes have been popular with little girls for centuries, a trend that’s unlikely to go away. A wide variety of generic or brand named dolls are available from suppliers online, including the eternal Barbie Doll.


10. Train Sets

A Christmas classic loved by kids and adults, train sets can be electric or battery operated. Some are even remote controlled. While train sets have been popular for ages, the disparity in prices nowadays means that many more families can afford them.


Final Thoughts

If you enjoyed this article, make sure to check out our companion piece about the top 10 adult Christmas products to sell online. No matter what you decide to sell this holiday season, be sure to develop an ecommerce marketing strategy to take advantage of the online shopping trend.

Need more help for the busiest time of year? Check out our other  holiday tips for online retailers for ideas.

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