Outsmart-The-SmartphoneIf 2013 was any indication of what’s to come, then it’s a safe assumption that 2014 is the year of mobile. During last year’s Black Friday, 40% of online shopping was done on a mobile device. As phones and tablets become increasingly user friendly, this number is expected to rise. A quick google search of ecommerce trends will regurgitate pages of content about the rise of mobile, and how any online business that wishes to continue growth and success better hop on the mobile bandwagon – and quick.

So how do you make your site mobile friendly without the help of a IT staff or on-hand developers? You simplify.

To optimize their sites for mobile use, sellers should cut out any and all excess that will increase loading time and cause unnecessary scrolling. Get rid of small links, long lists, and superfluous text.
Make sure your buying process is streamlined, and can be completed with only a few steps. If a customer has to click through endless channels for each section of purchase (i.e. a page for credit card information, a separate page for shipping information, etc.), they will lose patience, and you will (sadly) lose a potential sale.
If there’s anything on your site that you can make easier, neater, or just plain quicker – do it. It will work beautifully on mobile, and will probably even please your desktop customers as well.
We’ll cover new trends every week, but if you’d like a head-start, we recommend checking out Tech Cocktail’s Rick Delgado and Alibaba’s Annie Jie Xu, who also writes for Huffington Post. So there’s your extra credit. Tune in next Tuesday for what’s trending next!

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