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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of Amazon, it’s worth a thousand dollars.

In some cases, a picture can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. To help you increase clicks for both paid and organic traffic, increase conversion rate on your detail page, and ultimately increase sales, you must focus on your product photos.

Let’s review the best types of Amazon product images with tips for maximizing the use of each one.


1) Primary Amazon Product Photos

The primary product photo is the most important image on your listing. This is the first image customers see both in paid and organic search results as well as on the detail page itself. Investing in high quality product photography is essential and will pay dividends in the lifetime of your product’s cycle on Amazon.

Here are a few requirements and best practices for Primary Images:

  • 1500×1500 pixels (this provides good zoom capability and is in line with Amazon specs)
  • Product must fill 85% of the image (this is more eye catching than filling, say 50%)
  • Well-lit and shot on a pure white background (no white sheets, must be digitally cut out)
  • Include relevant accessories (don’t include anything that doesn’t come with purchase)

primary amazon product photo example

As a side note, if your product packaging is boring, then your image will be too. Make sure you’ve invested in quality well-designed packaging first so that the product images are more interesting. Here are a few easy product photo tips for better results.


2) Additional Product Photos

Once your primary product image is established, you have the option to show additional product images within your Amazon listing. Here are a few suggestions for you:

  • Close-ups of important features
  • Different angles
  • Product packaging
  • Out of the box accessories
  • Transformation (folded, expanded, opened, closed, and so on)

additional product photo details

Source: Pixc

3) Quality Amazon Infographics

Once you’ve added the primary image and additional product photos, you can also include infographics highlighting different aspects of your product. These types of visuals often help customers note key features faster than mere text alone.

quality amazon infographics


4) Assembly and Use Instructions

If your product requires assembly, why not save the customer time by showing them how easy it is to assemble before they even purchase it? A well-designed image showing customers how to use or assemble a product not only increases conversion rates, but also decreases negative product reviews and returns by helping the customer use it right the first time.

amazon product images


5) Enhanced Lifestyle Images

Lifestyle images can be an incredible asset to any Amazon listing, but with all that space, why not highlight an important benefit or feature demonstrated by the photo at the same time? If the product features tell the story, and lifestyle images show the story, then enhanced lifestyle images have the ability to do both simultaneously.


enhanced lifestyle image example


6) Credibility Enhancing Graphics

Whether you’re selling a food product, a personal care product, or even traditional consumer packaged goods product, credibility enhancers go a long way in providing consumer trust. Adding logos that you’ve been authorized to use can show customers at a quick glance that your product has been vetted and certified.

credibility enhancing graphics


7) Warranty or Satisfaction Guarantee

While Amazon prohibits sellers from advertising promotions on the listing, sellers can list a warranty or satisfaction guarantee in the images section in order to increase conversion rates by providing customer confidence in the brand or product line.

amazon product images

Product Photography Resources

Now that we’ve covered the main types of images you can use, let’s discuss some incredible resources to get you started:


Upgraded Images

Based in Pasadena, CA, customers from anywhere in the world can ship products to this professional photography studio. Pick your package, get preview images, request changes, pay for their services, and receive high resolution images in a convenient zip file.



If you’re looking for a low-cost option to get a professional infographic or enhanced lifestyle image, Fiverr has plenty of great options. You can do a quick search for “Amazon Listing Images”, view artists portfolios and ratings, purchase a graphic, provide specs and get your images quickly.



Once you have a few options for your images you can test which one’s buyers respond to by using PickFu. This service allows you to easily upload multiple images allowing real participants to choose which one they’d prefer. You can also view results with demographic data easily.


Final Tips and Suggestions

In summary, it’s recommended that you use all the images Amazon allots you (typically 9 but may vary by category). Doing so will not only provide as much imagery as you can for your product but also to assist Amazon’s A9 search algorithm by showing a listing with lots of visual content.

By investing in high quality images for your listing you’re taking a critical step to establish longevity and success of your product listing on Amazon. Check out these cheap ecommerce photography hacks to get started.


About the Author: Shannon Roddy is an Amazon Specialist with 6+ years experience of eCommerce consulting for over 80 brands selling on Amazon. He is the founder of Marketplace Seller Courses, resources and tools designed to help brand owners make the most of their Amazon selling experience. He resides with his family in Atlanta, GA.


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