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The goal of any social media platform is to gain followers who turn into customers. But what is the best strategy for gaining new followers on Pinterest? Fortunately, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you know how to use Pinterest for your online business. 


Pinterest Tips and Tactics for Ecommerce Businesses  

Here are seven of our best tips and tactics for online businesses like yours to make the most of the Pinterest platform:  


Optimize Pinterest for SEO 

Every platform you use for your online business must be optimized for SEO, including Pinterest. If you want potential customers to find your products, then try some of the following ideas to optimize your presence on Pinterest:  

  • Make sure that your company username is optimized 
  • Include important keywords in the “about” section 
  • Add links to your website in your Pinterest content  
  • Use hashtags related to the products and content 
  • Make sure that your pins’ descriptions are SEO optimized 
  • Be sure to enter descriptive file names and alt text for all your images


Vary Your Content  

Content is one way to differentiate your online store from others out there that sell the same or similar products. Fortunately for you, many Pinterest users don’t take advantage of posting a wide range of different content. You can easily increase your brand awareness on Pinterest by posting unique content in different formats. Consider posting some of these mediums on Pinterest 

  • Share links on Pinterest to videos youve posted on YouTube 
  • Share an audio pinboard with your customers and prospective customers (SoundCloud is a great way to record)  
  • Share links to slideshows you’ve prepared with SlideShare 


Locate and Engage with Online Influencers  

You’ll find online influencers on just about every social platformHaving a relationship with influencers from your industry can be beneficial 

Start by finding influencers on Pinterest who are already engaging with your desired audience. The first steps to building a relationship with influencer is to interact with their Pinterest content. Follow them, like their pins, and make insightful comments. You can repin content that you like and that you would like your customers to see.  

When you take the time to interact with influencers’ pins, it will encourage relationships that are visible to an entirely new audience.  


Create or Join Group Boards  

Utilizing group boards is another way you can reach new audiences on Pinterest. Group boards are a way to collaborate with other Pinterest members, and anyone can contribute to a shared board. When you add pins to a group board, theyll be visible to your followers and other group members’ followers.  

It is important that you join group boards that are relevant to your brand, because all of your followers will be able to see everything that your collaborators pin as well. Consider how the group boards you join will appear to your followers, how it fits with your brand, and whether it will be an enhancement to your business.  


Pin Constantly 

Posting consistently is important to hold your followers’ attention. The peak hours for interacting on Pinterest are weekday evenings and weekends. Pinterest recommends pinning at least once a day during those hours.  

One easy way to ensure that you pin consistently is by scheduling your pins ahead of time. There are various tools that you can use to do that. Tailwind is a popular app that lets you schedule pins for specific times.  


Use Save Buttons 

People use the Internet to shop because it’s easy. So, if you want viewers to take actions, you have to make it easy. Adding a Save button to your website will allow your site visitors to pin the content with one click. This has the potential to increase the amount of content your viewers save from your site exponentially.  

Creating Pinterest Save buttons is simple with the Pinterest Widget Builder.


Pay Attention to Your Analytics  

Whenever you are working to grow your business, you must track and analyze your progress. How else will you determine whether your efforts are worth it? Pinterest help you see how your pins are performing based on three different metrics:  

  • Saves – When you have a high number of saves, your pins are being repinned. But, if your number of clicks is low, then viewers are not visiting your website where they can make a purchase.  
  • Impressions – When this number is high, it means that your pins are being seen by a lot of people. However, if this number is high, but the other two are low, it means users arent being driven to take action.  
  • Clicks – You want the clicks number to be high because it means that you are getting people to click through to your website.  


Final Thoughts 

The above tips and tactics are a great place to start to increase your Pinterest following, improve your products’ visibility, and grow your customer base – all things that will help you garner more sales and boost your bottom line. As you try these strategies, be sure that you monitor results and make adjustments as you need to.  

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Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published February 2016 and was updated in July 2019 to reflect more accurate and relevant information.

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