Want to be a successful Amazon seller? There’s a guide for that.

We teamed up with CPC Strategy, a team of Amazon experts that help sellers strategize how to grow on the marketplace, to present “20 Characteristics of a Sophisticated Amazon Seller.” This comprehensive whitepaper provides proven strategies and common characteristics of the marketplace’s most successful third-party sellers. This whitepaper is perfect for sellers who are already conducting business on Amazon. Use these 20 actionable characteristics and accompanying tips as a benchmark to evaluate how your Amazon business is doing now, and what else you can implement to get ahead.

Here’s a look at what you’ll find inside.


5. Creating How-to Product Videos

To market your products and still abide by Amazon’s strict guidelines regarding driving traffic away from the site, you need to get creative. John Lawson, Chief Consultant of ColderICE Media and successful Amazon seller, swears by how-to product videos to drive traffic, and subsequently, sales, to his Amazon listings.

Back in the early 2000s, John’s business 3rd Power Outlet was selling bandanas on Amazon. He was repeatedly asked by customers how to tie a bandana like Tupac. John was tired of answering the question again and again, so he created a YouTube video with a quick tutorial on how to tie his bandanas like Tupac. Whenever shoppers asked him this question again, he would send them a link to the video.

Consequently, John’s YouTube video now has over 300,000 hits and still brings him traffic today. It put 3rd Power Outlet on the map, even though it cost him nothing to create. Take a page out of his book, and consider what types of questions your buyers have regarding your products, and if you could create a similar how-to video or product demo to share with them. If you use a feedback management service to request reviews, include a link to the video within the body of your email.

You’ll provide buyers with content they want and establish yourself as a helpful seller, which can increase your chances of earning positive feedback.

To get the whitepaper and all 20 characteristics of a successful Amazon seller, head on over to CPC Strategy and download for free.

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Tiana ByersWant to be a successful Amazon seller? There’s a guide for that.

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