Brand Your ShippingA meaningful brand is important for customer loyalty and retention. Creating a brand experience customers can connect with goes beyond just the primary marketing touchpoints. The checkout and shipping process is one of the most important steps of the ecommerce experience. Incorporating your brand elements into your checkout and shipping process is a great way to round out your brand engagement with customers.

Our friends at ShipStation have put together valuable ways you can brand your shipping process:


Branded Checkout Page

The design of your checkout page can potentially make the difference between a visitor and a customer. First, your checkout page should be consistent with your current brand elements, including: colors, logos, and the tone of your messaging. Your brand identity should be recognizable on this page.

Be sure the page is easy to navigate and naturally guides visitors towards a simple checkout process. Offering visitors the option to make an account where they can save their shipping address and credit card information can make checkout quicker and easier for returning customers.

The content of your checkout page is as important for your brand reputation as it is for converting customers. Your shipping and returns policies should be easily accessible on this page. Make sure these policies are as transparent, direct, and empathetic as possible.

Consider the shipping options you offer, as well. Some customers prefer slower, free shipping, and some prefer to pay for an expedited option. Try to include a few shipping options to better meet the needs of all your customers. The more optionality and ease you can offer customers, the more they’ll respect and trust your brand.


Branded Tracking Page

The shipment tracking page is an important touchpoint with a high open rate. In fact, ShipStation found that people open a shipment tracking email an average of three times per shipment. Giving customers the ability to track their order delivery keeps them informed and establishes your brand as trustworthy and reliable.

Make sure you use this page as an opportunity for brand engagement with your customers, especially since the open and read rate is unparalleled to other types of marketing emails. Using a shipping software solution can make creating branded shipping assets easier. With these types of solutions, you can create a branded tracking page, customized with your specific logo, colors, and messaging:

A branded tracking page also allows you to link to your social media accounts or other important resources, like your returns policy. It’s just another way to brand your shipping process and build a better customer experience.


Branded Packaging

Think carefully about how you package your products. Choosing appropriate packaging will ensure that your products arrive safely and in a presentable fashion.

Consider specific shipping supplies including box shape and size, any relevant protective cushioning, and design. You may choose to design your boxes with your brand name, logo, or tagline. Being creative with packaging will help you stand out from other businesses and provide a unique unboxing experience for your customers.

Another easy touch is to include branded shipping labels for your packages. This informs customers where the package is from before they even open the box. For more branded packaging ideas, check out our post Incorporate Your Brand Message into Packaging Design.

Branding is an important asset and value-creator for your business. The most effective brands are omnipresent — they span the entire ecommerce process. Every touchpoint your customers have with your business, from social media accounts to shipping touchpoints, should reflect your brand and its value. For more advice on how to better brand your shipping process, check out this ebook from ShipStation.


About the Author: ShipStation is the world’s leading web-based shipping solution that helps ecommerce retailers import, organize, and ship orders quickly and easily—wherever they sell, however they ship. ShipStation integrates with over 160 of the top marketplaces, selling channels, carriers, and fulfillment providers. Utilize features like auto-selecting shipping preferences, customizable automation rules, multi-carrier rate calculators and shipping, and much more. 

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