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Meet The Team: Tristan

Ecomdash has brought a product support intern on board. This summer we welcomed Tristan to the ecomdash team, and he quickly immersed himself in the world of ecommerce. Tristan has been instrumental in writing code and helping our lead developers maintain product integrity. Here’s the 101 on our team member Tristan.

Occupation: Tech Intern

Forte @ ecomdash: Tristan has been busy working to create a database support tool to make using ecomdash even easier for our customers.

Experience: Tristan is a rising senior at UNC Charlotte. He’s studying Software and Information Systems, and has been applying his knowledge throughout his time with us.

Song he requests to play in the office: Faded Paper Figures.

What he’s dressing up as for Halloween: Greyworm, made popular by HBO’s Game Of Thrones.

If he could have any super power, it would be:  Super speed.

What he brings to parties: Food. Simple and well-received.

If he could sit next to anyone at dinner, it would be:  Olivia Wilde (really hard to guess why).

He is famous in the ecomdash office for: Being really good at basketball…so he says.

Celebrity doppelgänger:​ ​Colin Kaepernick

Even though he may only be with us for a short time (though we’re hoping he stays on part-time when school starts again), we’re thankful to have Tristan on board, and are grateful for the work he’s done. He’s bright, hardworking, and innovative. When he graduates in Spring of 2015, he’ll be ready to take the tech world by storm.

Psst…today is his birthday!

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