As ecommerce business owners, we know you simply want increased sales and for your own holiday sales to be super successful. You may even want a slick inventory control software to manage the whole busy season for you – hint, hint. Seriously though, this time of year is always so busy. It has probably prohibited you from spending time thinking about gifts you might buy for friends and loved ones. How about your friends who are also ecommerce sellers? Since you can’t single-handedly increase sales for them, what will you give them? If you’re looking to actually wrap something up for them and throw it under the tree, here’s a fun gift giving guide for the online retailer, based on which marketplace they sell on the most. We hope it helps you narrow down your search (and we’re really hoping we get a new referral customer or two for Christmas from you this year, but if not – any one of these gifts would be pretty darn cool too).

Amazon sellers have high standards. They’ve read the seller rules, they know manufacturer standards, and they only sell inventory of the finest quality. Get them a gadget or electronic that’s brand-spanking new. They’ll notice the mint condition and appreciate it. We suggest items like:

  • iPhone Cases
  • Kindle
  • Grill
  • Cuisinart Products (1.7 Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle, anyone?)
  • DVDs (if they are True Blood fans, season six is now available on DVD)



Etsy sellers are creative purveyors of all things unique. They have a taste for the quirkier side of life, and would appreciate something humorous or even a little outrageous. These sellers are artists, so they will enjoy handmade and thoughtfully crafted goods. We suggest the following:

  • Vases (bonus points if it’s shaped in an unexpected way)
  • Reclaimed wood headboards
  • Needle felted portrait of their dog(s)
  • Irreverent and weird greeting cards (You’ve Got Tyra Mail!)
  • Unique wedding cake toppers


These items were found at the following Etsy shops- barceramics , JanetsNeedleFelting , AoifeLeGalle, WeeksWayfaring


EBay sellers like one-of-a-kind-finds. The rarer, the better. Often collectors of memorabilia, buy your fellow eBay seller something they can’t find anywhere but eBay. Here’s what we think you should get your eBay selling friend:

  • Vintage Louis Vuitton Trunk Suitcase
  • Trading Cards
  • Sports Memorabilia- especially a signed ball from Derek Jeter’s final season
  • James Bond Vintage Posters
  • Antique Jewelry Finds


These items were found at the following eBay shops-Hillard’s Treasures, Caffeinated_Punk, All Posters

What do you want for Christmas? Let us know in the comments!


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