marketplace advisor closes - who will you go with?MarketplaceAdvisor, a product of ChannelAdvisor that supported eBay listings and sales management, is shutting down. ChannelAdvisor released a statement announcing the cessation of its MarketplaceAdvisor service, starting with terminating the ability to create new listings or relist on July 15, 2015. Monthly billing will cease on August 1st, with plans to completely discontinue the software by September 14, 2015. MarketplaceAdvisor derived from ChannelAdvisor’s acquisition of Marketworks in 2007.

ChannelAdvisor is offering a list of migration options (including their own marketplace solution) to all customers who email them at with “Marketplace Migration” in the subject line. For more migration options, we recommend browsing the ecommerce directories on both WebRetailer and EcomBytes.

However, we suggest that now may be a good time to take a look at multichannel tools (if you haven’t already). There are a variety of software that support eBay listings, as well as listing and inventory management for other marketplaces and shopping carts.

Ecomdash offers a built-in ecommerce listing software that supports eBay, Amazon, and Shopify, and more. Unlike MarketplaceAdvisor, ecomdash does not charge transaction fees per listing. Our listing tool is currently offered as part of the ecomdash suite-of-software.

This is the second announcement of a major ecommerce platform shutting down. Previously this year, Amazon announced plans to discontinue its Webstore offering. To aide customers who were selling on Amazon Webstore, we built a comparison chart of the top ecommerce shopping cart software to help make the selection of where to migrate easier.

If you’re migrating from MarketplaceAdvisor and are looking for a multichannel software to replace an assortment of niche ecommerce tools, try our software for free.

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