[Infographic] Who’s Your Ecommerce Doppelganger?

Do you know which ecommerce marketplace you resemble most? Find out here!

This was just for fun – you can be whomever and whatever you want. Yes, these are ecommerce marketplace mega-giants, but we believe that with hard work and the right tools, it’s within reach to become just as successful. Did you end up with the marketplace you thought you would? Or do you think you’d end up as something else? Maybe you’ll create your own new marketplace that will be unlike anything else in the market. Dream big!

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About the Author

Tiana Byers

Tiana is a content marketer and writer. Her favorite author is Oscar Wilde and she is a self proclaimed Etsy addict.

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Tiana Byers[Infographic] Who’s Your Ecommerce Doppelganger?

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