shopify plans to go ipo Ecomdash integration partner and popular shopping cart builder Shopify recently announced its intent to go public in a filing with the SEC. Shopify has yet to determine number of shares sold or the proposed offering price, but early plans indicate that it intends to raise $100 million.

Shopify will have shares available in its homestead Canada via the Toronto Stock Exchange, and the New York Stock exchange. Trades will be made under the symbols “SH” and “SHOP,” respectively. Shopify representatives state that the ecommerce website builder stands to “capitalize on a market of 46 million merchants worldwide” who could delve into ecommerce by putting their stores online. However, reps also note that the rapid growth of Shopify may not be sustainable.

The company has raised $122 million in venture capital so far. During the first quarter of this year, Shopify disclosed a total of $37.34 million in revenue, from which it earned a negative $4.53 million (this figure was calculated via normal accounting methods and provided by TechCrunch).

These numbers indicate that Shopify has reached a point where going public will help maintain growth, but perhaps not at the rate at which it has been over the past years. For companies on the brink of IPOs, this is relatively normal. As TechCrunch put it, “A company that is seeing its net loss slip in the face of rapid revenue growth? Hold me, I’m fainting.” It’s business as usual.

The announcement of an upcoming Shopify IPO comes at the heels of another highly anticipated tech and ecommerce IPO, Etsy. Etsy debuted at roughly $16 a share, with a preliminary program installed to allow its shop owners to buy anywhere from $100 to $2500 in stock.

Being that Shopify also caters a portion of its business to small business retailers, it will be interesting to see if the shopping cart provider offers similar opportunities for its users to take action in the IPO. The program Etsy established to present trading opportunities to its shop owners has only helped solidify its dedication to the Etsy community – but no word yet on how it has impacted shares. When Etsy’s stock has had some time to mature, we will reevaluate the fiscal impact of opening up trading to its own small businesses. We are hopeful it will show positive growth for the company and community alike.

Given that we offer Shopify inventory software, we are particularly excited to see how this new chapter will unfold for our website builder friends. We will continue to report on its IPO as we learn more.

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