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WooCommerce supports over one third of today’s online stores. If your store is one of them, you already know how easy and user-friendly Woocommerce apps and plug ins are. We put together a list of the five apps and five plugins that you should be using to enhance your WooCommerce business.


WooCommerce Official App

This app allows you to manage up to four WooCommerce stores. You can quickly see your WooCommerce dashboard information, check your best-selling products, view orders by status, and get a general overview of how your business is doing.

This app is free, but is currently only available for iPhone users.


WooCommerce Mobile Assistant App

With the WooCommerce Mobile Assistant app you are able to:

  • View detailed reports of your WooCommerce data
  • Receive push notifications when you have a new customer or order
  • Change order status from your mobile device
  • Call or email customers directly from the app
  • Perform a quick search of your products by ID, SKU, or name
  • Access multiple WooCommerce stores

The WooCommerce Mobile Assistant app is free, but only available to Android users.


WooSales App

This app is another option that allows you to track your business from your mobile device. It is not quite as detailed as the two previous apps, so it’s perfect for those of you who are not data geeks and just want a quick overview of your site and your sales. It does provide you with statistics on sales, products sold, new customers, order history, and basic reports.

This app is available for free for both iPhone and Android users.


WooStats App

The WooStats app allows you an at-a-glance look at your sales. There aren’t any complicated reports, just important statistics like orders, revenue, and access to customer messages, shipping information, etc. The view is easier to read than the standard WooCommerce dashboard, especially if you are just looking quickly to see your last orders.

WooStats is available for $4.99 for iPhone users, and it does require that your website uses commercial SSL certificates.


WooAdmin App

The WooAdmin app provides you with useful graphs of sales performance and an overview of orders received. It also shows you the totals for net sales, tax, shipping fees, refunds, and discounts. These are not always offered with other WooCommerce apps. You can also add new products for sale directly from WooAdmin.

This app is $3.99, and is offered to iPhone users.


Currency Switcher Plugin

You may have started your WooCommerce business as a small online store, but you never know when your business growth will turn into a global enterprise. When it does, the WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin is a must. Exchange rates are calculated in real-time from Yahoo Finance, so you never have to worry about losing money due to fluctuating rates. This plugin is free for two currencies and you can upgrade it to the premium version to support unlimited currencies.


Stripe Plugin

Using the Stripe plugin allows you to expand the payment gateways you accept from your customers. With Stripe you can accept:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Diners Club
  • Bitcoin

There is no charge for using Stripe, and the plugin for WooCommerce is free. You are required to have a valid SSL certificate to provide your customers with safety and privacy.


MailChimp Plugin

It is far easier and less costly to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones. That means that you need to be able to establish a customer database and keep in touch with your shoppers. The easiest way to do that is via email. This enables you to reach out to your customers directly with valuable information, deals, promotions, and sales events. With the WooCommerce MailChimp plugin, you can collect customer information and allow your customers to subscribe to your website, and utilize that information to direct marketing emails to them. The plugin is free for WooCommerce users.



The above woocommerce apps and plug ins are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to useful tools available to you for your WooCommerce store. There are numerous other ecommerce apps out there to make your business run more smoothly and to improve your customers’ experiences.

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