Ecomdash Integrates with WooCommerce to Better Serve Market Needs

Ecomdash Offers New WooCommerce Integration to Customers and In-Trial Users

Ecomdash, a smart inventory control, order and listing software for multichannel small business sellers, just released a new integration with WooCommerce. WooCommerce, notably one of the most popular ecommerce platforms today, allows retailers to quickly setup an online store. This new integration will grant WooCommerce users access to the ecomdash suite of software and enable them to increase sales and maintain control of operations.

integration-logo-wooo2aThe integration with WooCommerce will operate like other ecomdash marketplace and shopping cart integrations. WooCommerce users will be able to auto-sync product quantities across their channels, receive order information in real time, quickly create shipping labels and materials, and more. Ecomdash enables all customers to gain critical insight into the entire supply chain process, and empowers users to grow sales. All ecomdash customers grow sales by an average of 23 percent, quarter over quarter.

The WooCommerce inventory solution comes by way of customer requests. “Our goal is to provide comprehensive ecommerce software that meets the needs of the small business market,” said Kevin Loomis, CIO of ecomdash. “We genuinely listen to what our customers are saying. If a service or integration request makes sense with our goals, we try to fit it into our roadmap.”

Other recent ecomdash development includes marketplace integrations with Amazon UK, and shipping integrations with FedEx, UPS and DHL Express. A full list of ecomdash integrations can be found here.

About Ecomdash

Ecomdash is a web software application enabling ecommerce sellers to run their business from anywhere at any time in a fraction of the time they spend today. Ecomdash automates and integrates omni-channel retailers’ inventory, sales orders, product listings and shipping processes across marketplaces like Amazon, Sears and Etsy as well as ecommerce-ready website platforms like Bigcommerce, Shopify and Magento. Ecomdash gives merchants the ability to save time, grow sales, and increase customer satisfaction. For more information visit

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Tiana ByersEcomdash Integrates with WooCommerce to Better Serve Market Needs

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  1. jamie c. winters

    hi! i am starting to work with a fulfillment center that uses ecomdash, they will be connecting to my woocommerce store; however, not all my products will be sent by the fulfillment company; some will still be coming from two other locations. the question i have is how will woocommerce and ecomdash work with one of these split orders? the fulfillment company doenst have any other customers doing split orders so they do not know how woocommerce will handle that type of order so i am coming to you.

    when the fulfillment company sends out their portion of the order what does this do to an order in woocommerce if all the product isnt shipped? can this trigger an email notification to the customer with tracking info AND still leave the order open in woocommerce or set it to a new condition like ‘partial’ so the rest of the order can be processed on our end before we close out the order?

    a little lost and new to multiple packages in woocommerce and never used ecomdash so my apologies in advance. :)

    thank you!

    1. Liz Pekarek

      Hi Jamie!

      Thanks for reaching out. No worries, the setup you are referring to is very complicated and I completely understand the concern. Inventory management is important, but also intimidating.

      This is how ecomdash works with WooCommerce and fulfillment centers:

      All sales orders from your WooCommerce site will be imported into ecomdash including each individual product. You set a fulfillment center at the product level, so those sales orders will be sent to the warehouse you chose for that particular product.

      When we receive the tracking information from the fulfillment center, the order would be shown as partially shipped in WooCommerce because the automated information from the fulfillment center. The partial shipment notification will be sent by email to the customer based on protocols on the WooCommerce site. The rest of the order can be processed manually on your end or based on other information received (another warehouse you connect to ecomdash).

      Ecomdash is able to connect to various warehouses, fulfillment centers, 3PLs, etc. through SFTP/FTP or HTTP locations in CSV formats. If your other two locations offer those connection options, you can also add those to ecomdash. This will help automate the whole process, as well.

      Here is more information about our feed management and dropship management software.

      I know this can be really confusing. We have a wonderful technical support team that can talk through your options. Please reach out to if you have any additional questions.

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